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  1. Wow! Thank you so much for the in-depth explanation. I understand now. Seriously, you couldn't have explained it any better. I guess my confusion comes from searching the Element ID on, I couldn't find the part. The search produced 0 parts. Could it be that they no longer have that part? The Brick Owl wishlist was quite concise in its descriptions and part numbers and I had no problem ordering the wishlist through Brick Owl and it's subsidiaries. I look at this as a stepping stone to bigger and better Lego sets. (although the Falcon is the biggest one the make so far) Haha. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge with me. I truly appreciate it.
  2. Hello. I am pretty new to Legos and recently purchased the Millennium Falcon (75192), the Efferman stand and a light kit from Light My Bricks. I'm just about to start step five of the Falcon (after attaching the Efferman stand). It appears that I have a few parts extra and I would like to list the parts. I am unsure of the element ID vs the design ID vs parts on the Lego site: I was wondering if anyone here would mind explaining how to best identify parts. Below is an example of what I mean. There are multiple design ID's, a BOID number (no idea), and when I go to look this up on, no results. Do they not list some parts there? Anyway, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. I just bought this stand and assembled it. I'm only at stage 4 in the Millennium falcon build and stopped to assemble and attach the stand. I finished the stand yesterday but haven't had time to assemble it. I read that it's easiest to build the Falcon around the stand at stage 4. This is my first MOC and it's a good one. The Falcon is my first Lego set as well. I also purchased a lighting kit from light my brick but it will be a while before I get to install that.