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  1. Completed, if anyone can, please review this and let me know what you think of how I did the filler pieces around the tires.
  2. Well I got it all sorted out (I think). Parts are on order, it builds virtually in with no collisions, and it should work out. I was able to mock most of it up, but I am very confident. I jused 1 x 1 plates with clips upside down on 1 x 1 bricks with handles in 2 different ways on 3 of the 4 locations, and I was able to build up from another SNOT location on the 4th.
  3. Well, permanently modifying parts seems a no-go and this has inspired me to get creative, and I found a solution to 3 of the 4 places, and I'm sure I can get the fourth one. It all relies on the actual tires holding up captive parts but since they won't be able to turn anyway, it will work well. This will fill the gaps above the mudguards, but not below, but that isn't a major problem.
  4. If there was a way to mount a 1x1 wedge upside down that would eliminate almost all of the gap. Only thing I can come up with is to snip the "wrist" part off of a minifig "hand" and use the hand open cylinder part to stick the 2 pieces together. If there was some official way, or some minifig accessory that would work I'd be very glad of the idea. I have 1 more idea left, and if possible I may get around it. I think this is the most fun and frustrating part of building something, how creative can you get with the huge, but still finite pallet of pieces in the color you need.
  5. I have a MOC I built for my self. It is a modification of the Dodge Demon in the Speed Champions set 75893. The main change is the color from Yellow to Dark Purple plus a couple other minor changes like the hood scoop. I made this to make a model of my personal Dodge Challenger that is Plum Crazy (purple). The problem is, mainly the wheel arches (mudguard) Is not available in Dark Purple. The only options I can find are and these parts leave visible gaps that can be filled with 1x1 Dark Purple bricks but conflict with the wheel/tire choice. On my personal MOC, I will sand the interference and modify the 1 x 1 bricks. Can I publish a MOC that requires something like that to be done? I had to get pretty creative to make the back out of available parts also due to a part not being in Dark Purple It is visible on the sides and holds the rear on, so I had to start from scratch in a way on that part of the car. is a render of it. The tires rub the mudguards pretty tight, but will fit in but not rotate. If I publish a MOC of it should I make it with out the parts that interfere with gaps, and just make a note how to modify parts to get around it?
  6. Pioneer4x4

    Identify this part?

    Only a guess, but I would say that is not a LEGO part. Doesn't have that defined sharp edge/quality look to it, and "LEGO" is on every official piece somewhere. It looks like it is a slip clutch that would fit in a drum of some kind to me.
  7. Sounds like a plan. I will try to remember to do that.
  8. Is there a way to find out what parts are super rare in certain colors, as in actually owned? I know for example I have 6 of these in sand green. It was only made for 1 set (I have 2 complete sets with extras). Hard to imagine that a single 1 stud plate is worth $5... (I have bought 2 just to complete the spares at maybe $2 or so...) BUT if that set is one that 100,000 people have, it really isn't "rare". Since Rebrickable has a completes list of all of it's users sets, can you get reports on how many are reported to be owned? I realize this is by no means accurate, but the percentages should be close. If you pick the same part in say Black, and there are 500,000 reported and in Sand Green there are 127, you know it actually IS rare. But if something is in only 2 common sets, like maybe a medium sized Millennium Falcon, but almost everyone that collects Star Wars has it, it might actually be quite common.
  9. I did this by exporting a parts list into csv, then sorting in Excel. But I agree it would be great to see it on the Rebrickable parts list page.
  10. I think it should be based on the lowest price per part of your inventory, with a minimum number of sellers selling that part. Say 5 or so? All I know is if someone offered me ½ of what it says my collection is worth, say $10,000 it would probably be gone (definitely for the $20,000). I have 310 sets, and about 85,000 parts. Total estimated value: $21,683.02 (Based on the costs for 93.2% of the sets/parts)
  11. I think it would be nice if you could get (via opt in maybe) an email, or a notification on the home page, that someone has submitted a MOC as an alternate build of a set you have marked as owned. I finally submitted a MOC of my own that is an alternate build, and was wondering if people have to just stumble across them or do a search. I know I have found some nice MOCs that others have designed for sets I already own, but I went looking for them.
  12. Gotcha both, I just submitted a sail yesterday, I may just scan it. I'm a gadget freak and have multiple everything.
  13. That all helps very much. I have many cameras and ways to do it. I am trying to find something good to use as a background other then white paper/plastic/cardstock. I realize lighting is key, and I'm not going to be outside taking pictures. I recently found a cheap decent light for my closeup pictures, it is basically a square light halo for automobile fog lights, and it totally surrounds my SLR's (Nikon D5200) lens, so it is direct light, but no harsh shadow. My main issue seems to be with underexposure due to the white background. I may shoot manual and go from there. I will only submit photos of parts that I don't see one for. What do you mean by the "singular part"? Also what is best process for minifig heads or other parts with printing on opposite sides? I would suggest 1 composite image that shows both sides. And I love this site, period, it is extremely useful.
  14. I have a couple of questions. 1 - I don't have any sticker sets to add, but I do have some that I kept the sheet after removing the stickers. Would they be of any help? (I assume not, but can't hurt) 2 - I am trying to submit photos of parts that I have that are listed as having none, and I realize it is tedious, and not easy to get great shots of tiny parts. The white background causes underexposure. I will keep trying to make them better, and get a kick out of it. So, the question, is a not great photo better than none? Should I try to perfect my photos before submitting any? 3 - There are parts that have no photo, but don't show up in the search because they have other images, should I submit photos for those as well?
  15. Excellent, thank you! I'll get to work on that, looks like I may have a couple dozen.