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  1. Pal

    Identify this part?

    Hi I have this part. I'm not even sure it's Lego - but it has what seems to be an axle hole in the middle. I have not been able to find it in the parts database. The numbers on it says "M020-1" and "U3". Anybody recognize it?
  2. The "Element" image of part # 2850b is showing a 2850a (with the side slot). The "LDraw" and "Photo" images are correct though. You can clearly compare the difference on the part page at and also compare with the 2805a and 2850b comparison images below. Part # 2850a is at (where all three images are correct). I think the "Element" image comes from Lego themselves, so maybe there's not much we can do about it.. but now you know. Regards /P
  3. Great. Let us know when there are any updates. And let me know if you need any coding help.
  4. Additional: And - if/when it is possible to import parts lists - there also need to be a way to search for parts by name/description and/or number, with or without the possibility to drill down categories.
  5. Hey Dragma, this is what I'm looking for! Almost perfect! Only one piece missing: It is based on sets. Only one tenth of all my parts come from sets. The rest are bought in brick bags or from Bricklink/Brickowl or in other ways. So my feature request would be a way to synchronize with Rebrickable parts lists - and preferably be able to choose which list(s) to synchronize - in stead of using the sets. Regards /P
  6. Pal

    Global part notes

    I thought so too - either that there was global part notes hidden somewhere, or that there was a way to click from the full details page to the individual list items page (for instance by clicking the amount numbers in the color / list item matrix) - but I haven't found anything.
  7. Pal

    Global part notes

    Hi If you click on a part in a part list, there is a note section with storage location and general notes. If you search for a part and click to get the part details (or click on the full part details link above), there is no note section. It means that notes are specific to the list item (and color). It also means it's very hard to get to the notes - you have to find the specific list item first, which you can not do through searching. Since I store my parts by type (independent of set / color / list), my feature request (wish) would be to have the same kind of notes section on the full part details page - where it would be independent of set / color / list. Then it would be easy to find - just search for the part and there it is. Regards /P
  8. This is exactly what I was looking for. And self-hosted but still using a central parts database makes it even better. Great! Thanks to TobyMac for pointing me here. To answer Biodreamer's first question: You can only add notes to list items in Rebrickable, not to parts. I.e. if you search for a part and click up the details, there are no notes. The only way to find the location is to manually browse the part list until your eyes catch the specific part. If it was possible to add notes to a list item, it would fill my needs. Gott nytt år för övrigt! @Aburgueno: How is the python app run / installed? Is it acting like a web server, or is it a command line app that will output an html file if I feed it with a CSV? Is there a way to keep Rebrickable as my master repository of parts, and just add the location? Or should I stop asking questions and go read the code? Regards /P
  9. Pal

    Personal lego inventory

    Great! I actually did search, but I will search again.
  10. Pal

    Personal lego inventory

    I'm trying to use Rebrickable as my personal home inventory. Basically it means I need to add a note to every part, to indicate where it is located. But the problem is that the notes are list-centric. I can't add a note to a lego part - I can only add a note to a lego part IN A LIST. That means there's no easy way to get the location. If I search for the part, I get the overall part details - where there are no notes. It will tell me what lists it is in, but there's no link to the list-specific part details where the notes are. No matter how I organize my parts into the lists, I end up having to manually browse the full list of parts until my eyes catch the specific part - which makes it kind of useless. Is there any way around this? The possibility to add a note to the part (and not to the list item) would be enough. (Acceptable solutions include other sites / software, as long as I can use Rebrickable as my master repository.) Regards /P