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    Pal reacted to TobyMac in Mack Anthem 42078-1 list 92946, but I got 15672   
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    Pal reacted to jaredhinton in Gold color question   
    The difference in these images are 15573 is the official LEGO Element ID image, and 3794a is the LDraw rendered image of the part because LEGO don’t provide a EID image for it. 
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    Pal reacted to jaredhinton in 43337 1 x 4 panel with thick wall dark azure color error   
    Thanks, done.
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    Pal reacted to jaredhinton in Mack Anthem 42078-1 list 92946, but I got 15672   
    Fixed, thanks. It’s unusual to get part 92946 in modern sets so I have changed the part, but if 92946 get verified in this set  a second inventory will be created. 
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    Pal reacted to TobyMac in Gold color question   
    They could both be Pearl Gold. This color is known to have some different shades
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    Pal reacted to jaredhinton in Gold color question   
    To me A looks like pearl gold and B metallic gold.
    Could be brass which we don’t list. There’s questions to whether it exists, some claim it appears in a couple of sets. essentially it appears in some sets where they should be chrome gold and people say they’re different from pearl gold. But I’m not sure how verified this all is. 
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    Pal reacted to Pioneer4x4 in Identify this part?   
    Only a guess, but I would say that is not a LEGO part.  Doesn't have that defined sharp edge/quality look to it, and "LEGO" is on every official piece somewhere.  
    It looks like it is a slip clutch that would fit in a drum of some kind to me.
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    Pal reacted to TobyMac in Please Report Any Missing Or Incorrect Part Images Here   
    I've disabled rhe element images. The issue is that LEGO doesn't distinguishes between the mold variations. And if I move the element id to the 2850a, future sets will get the wrong version when importing a inventory.
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    Pal reacted to biodreamer in Open Source LEGO collection management application available to all on GitHub   
    Which still doesn't cover the part I want help with.the planning and execution of  the dynamic growth
    I don't want my collection fragmented more than necessary so I have columns dedicated to categories, trying to keep the same color within the drawer boundaries as possible.
    so for example right now, I have enough black bricks to take up 53 cells ie one drawer is full (32)l + 21 cells in the next. The remaining 11 cells are occupied with other less common colors. 
    I also got 9 new cells worth of drawer of black bricks to add here: So when I execute that move I end up with 32 + 30 cells occupied by black but I also need to find the best spot for those 11 cells that get evicted in that move and find a good candidate for the remaining 2 cells. Since I don't want more fragmentation than necessary.
    this means that each operation will affect minimum two drawers and can ripple affect over much more. and I have very little room for empty cells so that is kept to a minimum.
    And every time I get more parts, I will end up getting multiple growth and or shrink operation like this which is causing a pain to keep labels and inventory position up to date.
    And I don't know of any software that does this kind of operations on physical storage. (only harddrives)
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    Pal reacted to Filhip in Location   
    It would be nice if the location appears when we do a piece search
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    Pal reacted to Dragma in Reinstructable in production.   
    Thanks for the comments.   I have not abandoned this project, just low energy from dieting and working out.  Parts lists would be a great idea.  Goes along with being able to generate your own build part outs. 
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    Pal reacted to biodreamer in Global part notes   
    As long as the detailed notes remain I have no problem adding alternative notes on each higher level for these kind of notes. Because you usually start out with category sorting then part sorting then part + color sorting  as the collection grows. It's good to support all sizes of collections.
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    Pal reacted to Tettzo in Global part notes   
    I love this idea. It allows to simply click on a set and you know where to search the parts.
    And: You don't have to store your parts in categories any more, because you will find the part you are looking for always very fast, no matter how often it changes its position.
    Best regards
    Edit: actually I hoped, that this was already implemented and I haven't found it. 
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    Pal got a reaction from Tettzo in Global part notes   
    If you click on a part in a part list, there is a note section with storage location and general notes.
    If you search for a part and click to get the part details (or click on the full part details link above), there is no note section.

    It means that notes are specific to the list item (and color). It also means it's very hard to get to the notes - you have to find the specific list item first, which you can not do through searching.

    Since I store my parts by type (independent of set / color / list), my feature request (wish) would be to have the same kind of notes section on the full part details page - where it would be independent of set / color / list. Then it would be easy to find - just search for the part and there it is.

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    Pal reacted to aburgueno in Thank you Nathan and the whole Rebrickable community   
    I have uploaded on GitHub a piece of software that I have developed to manage my LEGO collection. It heavily relies on the Rebrickable API and I would like to thank Nathan and the whole Rebrickable community for having made it possible. My hope is that some of you will find it useful.
    You can find it here: 
    And a thread to discuss about it here: 
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    Pal reacted to TobyMac in Personal lego inventory   
    Found it:
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    Pal reacted to Marook in Sort parts in inventory by quantity   
    Hi All,
    To me, it would be great if we could sort the Parts lists by Piece Count, so I could list the huge lots at top or bottom.