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  1. Just a note to say that I too was looking for this feature. My specific use case: I often build custom lists for builds that I'm working on that I don't want to make into a MOC. I use the custom list to identify what parts I'm missing so I can order them, but I also want to use a script to build a list of how many of each needed part I have in my loose parts so I can identify those parts that I'm running low on (which I may want to order while I'm at it).
  2. Seems to be fine for me too now. Gremlins.
  3. Just a couple of quick ones Part photos not showing: Model photos from bricksafe not showing:
  4. You may already be aware, but just in case, I'm seeing broken image icons both for part photos and for MOC images (from bricksafe). I've checked in incognito mode, so I don't think it's me.
  5. That's helpful! I hadn't come across that site yet and it has a couple of the parts I need. Thanks.
  6. Just thought I'd answer my own question for anyone else who might stumble across it. It seems that these renderings are coming from LEGO. A little more about it here: I haven't found out if the 3d object files behind these renderings are also available from LEGO somewhere.
  7. Thanks Jared. I've done that now. I think I decided not to mark it as a mod originally because it requires the extra-tilt mod of the Ideas Maze set that JKBrickworks published, but thinking of it again now, I guess that was a bit pedantic.
  8. Thanks Kristof and Gumalca. Those are all useful comments. I agree with you about giving away small models. Only a couple of mine were premium until recently, but I thought I'd see what happens if I take the ones that were getting downloads and put a eur1 price tag on them. As expected, no more downloads. The Marble Maze has sold once and I think that traffic came from tweeting about it at JKBrickworks (who designed the original maze set on which it is based). I also shared it on Eurobricks and Reddit. I can see in the MOC analytics that all those things helped, and to some degree the increase in traffic seems to be holding, which is nice.
  9. According to ldraw (, the ldraw code for Coral is 353. However, when importing to a custom list from .ldr (generated in LDCad) code 353 is not recognized, producing this error: Errors:Color 353 on Part 25269 not found - using Unknown Color (try changing the External Source) I tried the other 3 'external source' options, but they all produce the same error.
  10. Thanks Toby. Maybe I'll try asking in the LDraw forum. Best wishes to Simon. --cj
  11. Hi Pat, I've been wondering the same thing. Sometimes it's a lot of extra work to take a model I designed for myself and make into something with high quality instructions for others to have an enjoyable build, and it would help motivate that extra effort to have some sense of, as you say, what's possible in terms of purchases. Before I say how many downloads I've had, I would like to preface it by saying that when I look at the top MOCs page, I see a lot of Star Wars and a lot of cars, and my MOCs are neither of those. So thematic content seems to matter. Also, maybe my MOCs just aren't very good. I'll let you judge that for yourself. I should also say that I haven't really promoted them beyond simply uploading them to Rebrickable until recently. I have 13 MOCs up now, all of them added this year. The free ones have had a total of 200 (exactly) downloads, and the premium ones have had a grand total of 1 download. I do find those 201 downloads gratifying, and the thousands of views as well (not to mention likes and comments), but what I'd really love to see are MOC photos submitted by users who have built their own from the instructions. That seems to be an underutilized feature on the site. And of course, a few purchases would be nice. Thanks for asking a question I've been wondering about myself. Hopefully others who have had more success will chime in.
  12. After looking around for an answer to this, I think this question is most likely for @Simon. In the model I'm currently working on, I've been coming across a lot of parts that have a rendered image on Rebrickable, but I can't find the virtual part either in Studio or LDraw. This one, for example. Because there is a rendered image, I know there must be a 3D model of the part somewhere, but I'm not sure how to find it. Thanks. --cj
  13. While submitting this moc, I upgraded to the Designer Plan, however I haven't seen the MOC promoted on Rebrickable's Twitter. Is there something I need to do to trigger that? Also, while I'm asking, is there a way to get older MOCs (submitted before being on the Designer Plan) promoted through Rebrickable's social media pages? Thanks. --cj
  14. seejay

    MOC stuck in approval?

    Thanks for getting back so quickly. It's my fault! I made a last minute change to the inventory and forgot to edit all the orange parts to [No Color/Any Color] before uploading. I wish LDraw had that concept so the parts could be [No Color/Any Color] in the model file that is the source for the inventory (maybe it does and I just don't know how to do it). Sorry for the trouble. I fixed that and the MOC is approved!