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  1. Hi Ian. It's in python 3. I'll send it by DM. For uploads into your parts lists, Rebrickable has great import functionality from almost any source you care to work with via the interface. For my initial inventory (for which I spent a long time counting a lot of parts), I entered the inventory into a csv and imported that. There's nice error reporting in the interface to help catch mistakes. I've also imported directly from Bricklink and Brickowl orders using the Rebrickable interface. All of those work reliably for me, so I haven't felt the need to build anything for uploads (or even set up a local db beyond the CSVs the script generates), but of course everyone's workflow is a bit different. It's awesome that Rebrickable makes that flexibility possible via the API.
  2. Thanks Nathan. I looked at this again before sending to you just to make sure I wasn't confused. Looks like I was confused. 4265c should map to 32123a (not b as I stated above). So, the import is behaving correctly. What I also noticed, and I think this was the source of my confusion, is that Bricklink (and Studio) don't make a distinction between 32123a and b. The mold change is noted on the catalog page: So, I think the short (or is this long?) answer is that I need to edit all the 32123b in my inventory to 32123a so that future imports from Bricklink sources will work. Please close this one.
  3. Hi Ian, I have an ugly little workflow that I knocked together in Python (mainly using Pandas), with Dropbox to move the result around, and Google Sheets to view it. It runs nightly from my local machine and pulls out all my parts list into a single CSV (with a column indicating which Rebrickable part list the part is from). It creates a date-stamped version of the CSV (for backup) and a "always the latest" version. The latter is synced to Dropbox and I have a Google Sheet that reads it live (using the IMPORTDATA function). This workflow gives me a backup of my parts lists and and a quick way to search for parts in Google Sheets if I don't want to go through the Rebrickable interface. I find that I use both Rebrickable and the Google Sheet depending on what I'm doing. Also, as an intended benefit, I can go back through the date-stamped versions to see how my parts total has changed over time, which is probably about the nerdiest thing I've ever done for fun. If that sounds like it might be helpful to you, send me a DM, and I can send you the script. You'd need to be comfortable in python to make any sense of it, but it sounds like you probably are. --cj
  4. A further thought on this. The use case I've described could be met by having the "edit this part" tab (available in the part summary dialog accessed from a user's part list) available from the color-specific part page. Currently only the "Sets" and "MOCs" tabs are available there. I've attached a screenshot to show what I mean. Thanks for considering it!
  5. I'm importing a .io file which contains bricklink part number 4265c. This should map (if I understand correctly) to part 32123b (emphasis on the 'b'). However I get an error saying Error - part 32123a/Light Bluish Gray quantity must be > 0 which makes me think the mapping is wrong somewhere. Thanks, cj
  6. I just saw a negative build %. It happened when I had marked a MOC as assembled, but also had the inventory of that MOC as a part list marked as not buildable. So for those parts that I only have enough of for the MOC, it's like they were being subtracted out of the build calculation twice. When I removed the MOC from my assembled list, I got an accurate build calculation. Hope that helps track it down, @Simon
  7. I often want to subtract parts from my "loose parts" list and add them to another list that is the inventory of a build I have (something that isn't a moc or set). Adding the parts to the new list is easy from the search interface in the modal dialog that comes up when clicking on a search result. However, I'd like to be able to subtract parts from here also. The only way to do it (that I have found so far) is to go into the loose parts list, filter by color and/org type, find the part and edit it. The modal _will allow_ negative numbers to be set, but when submitting, it returns a "part not added" error. I'm attaching a screencap of the dialog I'm talking about, with a "-4" parts to be added
  8. Thanks for the quick response and fix, Simon! The translation from 3002a --> 3002 is no problem.
  9. I've been using .io files from Studio to subtract parts from my parts list (for more or less permanent builds that are not sets or MOCs). That was working fine last week, however today when I tried, I received an error like this "Error - part 3002a/Blue quantity must be > 0". But there is no part 3002a in the .io file. I exported it to csv to confirm. The file (and my parts list) only contains 3002, not 3002a. Just as a test, I tried importing the .io file to a new list. It imported successfully, but is converting 3002 (the modern version of the 2 x 3 brick) to 3002a (the very old version). See attached screen shot. So these are really two different expressions of the same issue, both related to part 3002. It seems (just my guess here based on the behavior) that in both cases, part 3002 in the imported file is converted to 3002a. When subtracting it fails because I don't have part 3002a in the list I'm subtracting from. When importing, it succeeds, but is adding the wrong part (3002a). Perhaps this is a catalog issue. Apologies if I've reported it in the wrong place. I did check BrickLink and found that 3002 there also refers to the modern version (with cross supports). The version without cross supports is indexed as "3002old"
  10. I really like the Fan Photo feature, but I've noticed that comments submitted along with the photo are not displayed. I believe in the past, I've gone back into edit mode and seen that they were saved, though just now I was checking and the comments field is empty for some Fan Photos that I submitted with comments. Of course the work around would be to create a separate comment at the same time, but that's a little extra friction in the process.
  11. Great! Tested and confirmed. Where's the close ticket button? 😉 Thanks for fixing. It's a handy feature.
  12. Good thought, Simon, but I only have 3 custom lists at the moment.
  13. Yes, in step 3 I'm selecting the radio button for "My Custom List". The first time I had the bug, I was sure that was my mistake, but that's not it. Happy to jump on a screen share to demonstrate if you're having trouble reproducing.
  14. I've been using Rebrickable for a few weeks and really enjoying it. I work in web dev, so I understand how hard it can be to build and maintain something like this. I think you've got the balance of simplicity with powerful features just about perfect for the AFOL audience. Well done! I've been using the "add parts to list" function over the last few days, but as of last night, I started encountering this bug consistently. I've replicated the bug in Chrome, then again in an incognito window in Chrome Version 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Windows 10. I've also replicated it in Firefox 64 (64 bit). To replicate the bug: Build this MOC. Click "Add missing parts to list" Select "My Custom List" Click "+ New List" Enter a name (I've tried different names to be sure it wasn't related to some zombie entry in my custom lists or a problem with a character in the list name). Click "Add Parts" Result: I get the "parts added successfully" message, but no new list is available in My Custom Lists AND the parts are added to the first of my existing custom lists I'm attaching a screen cap of the setup at step 5.