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  1. Ah, ok. So it´s the similar question like or Patreon or something like that. I don´t know what´s Rebrickables opinion about this. Fact is, they won´t have their share from that. This could be bypassed when they implement a function like that on their own.
  2. If you want to support this idea, then please hit the "up" triangle, the one on my post as well as the one next to the tread title... Sorry, maybe I missed something, but what's a Ko-fi?
  3. Maybe, a "pay what you want" functionality, like it's common in music industry, would solve this. So, people can decide on their own, how much or even if they want to pay. In the technical point of view this should be relativly easy to implement. And I think this is especially well suited for small models.
  4. In the last year I used this concept. All my Mocs are freely available in the Mecabricks editor. You can use them even without having an account. But it needs some time and effort to get into the usage of the tools and not everyone can or want to do it. So, I made Pdf instructions, which is a big effort to do. These Pdfs are then sold via Rebrickable to those people, who want to go the easy way. I think, the success of Freemium depends heavily on the quality and complexity of the model. With this concept I managed to sell 36 Pdfs last year, mainly with two models. But as you said, not all of this money show up on your bank account. Between 14 and 17 % goes to PayPal and 10 % goes to Rebrickable, of course both calculated from the initial price. So, really small amounts make not really a sense... It's not a concept to get rich, it's more a compensation for the effort to help people building your model.
  5. Well, as far as I recognised, there was no change to Rebrickable. But you can add a search tag "freemium" to your model. If you search for it, there are some results. I don't know if most of the people don't want to use it or just don't know about it. For me this year worked ok, as I at least got the money for the 4x 42084 sets back. But I think the freemium concept needs more promotion directly from rebrickable to become more famous. On the other side, they just earn money if instructions are sold... Concerning your donation link, in a quick search I couldn't find any restrictions not to do it. To be sure you should ask over the official Contacts...
  6. Yes, that's a point I also thought about: 1. The best solution would be to have a similar tag for Freemium MOCs, maybe with a green background instead of the blue one. But it's not easy verifiable by the system and therefore error prone. 2. Or the MOC creator can decide if the Premium tag is shown or not. For both solutions a system change is needed. 3. A quick fix could be to have special prefix in the name of the MOC... like [Free] or something like that.
  7. Hi, I like the idea Simon mentioned and I instantly turned it into reality. My MOCs are all available via the Mecabricks Online editor for free. Users don´t even have to be registered to open them. In the last few weeks I still get some questions about step-by-step instructions, but thats not an easy task as Mecabricks doesn´t support generating instructions. So, I set up my own quite complex "production chain". The resulting PDF file is now available as a Rebrickable premium file. I gradually update the remaining MOCs and will continue this process for future models. Keep on searching! I definitely stick to the term "Freemium" and place it in the descriptions of my models.