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  1. 1 hour ago, Simon said:

    Hi, Rik, welcome to the forum;

    I fear you are right, and this seems to be a bug. According to my fellow admins, in the previous version this worked, but now, as you say, you can not determine which part/color combination is represented by a specific element id, and the search result seems to be at the wrong level; it shows you the part, but it should show you the part/color combination.

    I moved your question to Bugs, and Nathan will have a look at it.

    Take care,


    Typically me. I start using something and the first thing I do is stumble across a bug. ?

    Thanks for moving it to the correct section.

    I'll be patient and wait for the fix. 

    For Now I did a search on BrickSet for the part. There the colour is indicated and so I can click the correct one in the Rebrickable database.

  2. Something that's not very clear to me is how I can search the parts database in element ID number.

    When I do this I arrive at the correct past (design ID), but I have to no idea of the color or print for that exact element ID.

    I have my spare parts listed, in a worksheet, by element ID (as found in the manual that comes with the sets). Now I want to create custom pasts lists with these spare parts. But since a search doesn't show me the correct color/print for the part I'm a bit lost. 


    Searching for 4646864 directs me to this page: https://rebrickable.com/parts/98138/tile-round-1-x-1/

    How do I know it's the red transparent one that I'm looking for, without having the part in from of me or looking it up at the back of the manual?