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  1. Thank you Simon and TrueDimension. You are right, there is an instruction for LEGO Digital Designer in the building Instruction tab. And you're righ that I wasn't very kind yesterday... I'm sorry, I apologise for that. On the other hand I can pledge my word that yesterday the 'building instruction' tab was not visible for this MOC I was talking about (i searched it by <ctrl><F> on the page) Anyway, Today it is, and it'll make my son (his name's Simon too, in polish: Szymon) happy :-) Thank you, and I promise, my next post will be positive, and of course a creative one.
  2. Hi, I have found a MOC, a petrol station: MOC-7189. It's not a Premuim MOC, but I cannot find how to get a building instructions? Guys, it's not the first time I cannot find a clue how to get building instructions for a MOC. Are they all Premium?? It's getting annoying a bit: I can browse MOC's very easilly. Great, If only I found something interesting I show it to my 9yo son and he immediately want to build it. But why I must tell him: we cannot build it because there is no building instructions?? Guys, please! It's not a best UI / Ux to show something but deny do use it. Please don't list paid MOCs to user who are not Premium! This may reduce my level of frustration sometimes.