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  1. Hi everyone, first of all - Space rocks! In 2017 Lego released the Saturn V 21309, a model which had its start on Lego Ideas. After i bought and built the Saturn V, i started to be more and more interested in Space. Rockets, satellites, the space programms. It´s amazing to know that between the announcement by President Kennedy, landing a man on the moon and bring him safely back to the earth, and reaching this huge goal, only 8 Years gone. So i started building an Apollo Command Capsule and Lunar Module in minifig scale with After i ordered a huge amount of parts and started to built the model, it turned out it will be a much more time intensive model than i thought. These are some pictures of my progress with, the progress of the real model is nearly similar. If you interested in more pictures and informations i will show you more of my work. I also created more space models. Mercury and Gemini Programm, the Mars Rovers, Voyager, a Saturn V in miniature scale with Launch Platform and some more.