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  1. Correct; I submitted ~25 change requests in March 2013 for some train sets. I was attempting to submit a change request for the 9V track sets when it said I could no longer do so. 4515, 4519, 4520, and 4531 were all available in both Dark Gray and Dark Bluish Gray (LEGO Dark Stone Gray). The individual straight and curved track pieces are in the database for both Dark Gray and Dark Bluish Gray but the switch points and train crossing are only in as Dark Gray. Cheers! Dave
  2. Ever since the update to v3, I'm unable to submit a change request. I've successfully done so in the past. Is someone able to help me out? Cheers! Dave
  3. Is it possible to add a Private MOC to a My Sets? I've added some Private MOCs as I'm not the designer of the MOC nor do I have permission from the original designer. I'd still like to be able to track the MOCs and/or the parts in the MOCs. Cheers from Claremore, Oklahoma! Dave