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  1. Create a new part list, import some parts from a csv and you will see the bug. It seems that is a problem of imported parts...
  2. Very strange thing since today. "All my parts" do not summarize the same parts anymore: see image, for example part 88323 or the black pins 2780... it seems there is an entry for the sets and an entry for the non-set parts... The exported csv files contains the same double entries: 2780,0,298 2780,0,154
  3. Is there a limit of API calls in a short time? After 120 calls it is impossible to get a new call...
  4. I have it. I found a nice tutorial site: https://www.dataquest.io/blog/python-api-tutorial/ import requests response = requests.get("https://rebrickable.com/api/v3/lego/parts/3001/?key=xxxx") json_file = response.json() print json_file['part_img_url']
  5. Thanks for the API hint. This works in the browser. Have you a snippet for me to grab the "part_img_url" parameter from a API call like "https://rebrickable.com/api/v3/lego/parts/40490/?key=..." inside a Python script? Thanks!
  6. Lebostein

    part name issues

    Thanks. It seems there are no fixed rules for naming on Rebrickable. There are some things that are not consistent. Examples: https://rebrickable.com/parts/92908/ "Technic, Steering Portal Axle Housing" https://rebrickable.com/parts/92909/ "Technic Steering Hub for Portal Axle" In the first name there is a comma after Technic, and if you rename the second to "Technic Steering Portal Axle Hub" then these two associated parts are listed togehter if you sort by name. Other example: Sometimes pins with the length of 3 studs are marked with "3L", other pins are marked with "Long": https://rebrickable.com/parts/11214/ "Technic Axle Pin 3L with Friction ..." https://rebrickable.com/parts/6558/ "Technic Pin Long with Friction ..." I know, these things are peanuts and the database has grown over the years and and different people are making entries - but that makes finding things and the output of sorted lists a little more logical...
  7. Lebostein

    part name issues

    the part names of 18940 and 18942 starts not with the prefix "Technic", all other Technic parts start with that prefix: https://rebrickable.com/parts/18940/ ("Gear Rack...") https://rebrickable.com/parts/18942/ ("Gear Rack...") https://rebrickable.com/parts/3743/ ("Technic Gear Rack...") Some of the #-marked numbers have a space between # and number, some parts not: https://rebrickable.com/parts/64681/ (without) https://rebrickable.com/parts/64393/ (with) This issues generates strange results while sorting by part name....
  8. I need the pictures for my own html export. I have downloaded the "parts.csv", "part_categories.csv" and "colors.csv" from the Rebrickable database and in combination with an exported inventory part list and a small python script I generated my own inventory list in that style: https://www.dropbox.com/s/m8gp27zx4kbqb6m/tabelle.png?dl=0 At the moment I grab the images from BrickLink, but in this case a colorID conversion is needed and some parts are not available, because there are different partIDs on Rebrickable and Bricklink...
  9. Lebostein

    Badges progress

    Sorry, I am not an english guy. It seems the word "crap" is harder than I thought...
  10. I have a Rebrickable partID and a Rebrickable colorID, for example a Technic Beam 1 x 9 Thick (40490) with an orange color (25). How I get an url to an image of the part 40490 with color 25? On BrickLink this is very easy, .../PN/colorID/partID.png: https://img.bricklink.com/ItemImage/PN/4/40490.png
  11. Lebostein

    Badges progress

    Possible to turn off that badges/Level crap?
  12. Bug: Export Parts to "HTML Grid" shows prices even if "Show part prices" is OFF in the settings Suggestion: Export Parts to "Bricklink XML" needs an extra option to save the file. It is annoying to create a file with open a text editor + copy & paste + save the file. This XML file is needed to create a custom palette in Studio for example (Config... / Custom Palettes / Import a wanted list xml). Suggestion: Export Parts needs an extra option to export/write the displayed parts only (with filters!) Suggestion for the part view: It is possible to display more than 8 parts per line? I have tried to edit "Max Page Width" to the maximum, but this has no effect to the number of parts per line... Thanks
  13. I have written a simple Python Script to convert a Rebrickable part list (CSV) to a LDD customized part list (XML). I still have to implement the color conversion (https://rebrickable.com/colors/) and test a little bit...
  14. The LEGO Digital Designer supports customized part lists (with collor and quantity) to build up models with a given amount of bricks (called "palettes"): https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/78072-how-to-create-a-custom-brick-palette-in-ldd/ Would be nice to can export a LXF-file (this is only an special XML-File) from a Rebrickable part list.
  15. I have it. To see all parts, you have to switch to extended mode (View / New themes / LDD extended). In that mode all parts are available, but you have to color you parts by youself...