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  1. Other example: Why 3 of the magic wands are spare parts? All 6 magic wands are on the official photo (4 in use, 2 lying on the ground ) and they are listed in the instruction (page 122): https://rebrickable.com/sets/75955-1/hogwarts-express/#parts
  2. Ah, thanks. I have never see these custom lists before... it worked. It is a problem to add a combo box with part lists in the compare dialog? Seen from a distance custom lists and part lists contains the same objects... So the user can choose between 3 posibilities...
  3. Can I do that? I know that I can compare two sets. But a Set and an onw part list?
  4. Interesting: The unused train wheel from 10254 is staged on the official LEGO photo: https://rebrickable.com/sets/10254-1/winter-holiday-train/#parts In that case there is no doubt that this part belongs to the set. Please remove it from the spare parts.
  5. It is a crazy trend to buy Lego as collectible items or to put it in the cellar as an investment... Apropo cellar: If you have bunkered Winter Village Sets from the first days, be careful. After 3-4 years the batteries in the Light Bricks (62930) goes leaky and the metal parts inside corrode with a green coating, hard to clean and the plastic parts could also be affected...
  6. Yes, they are spare part. Hihi... probably some people keep the plastic bags (ironed and folded)
  7. Short interjection: Why these Plastic Connection/Stacking Pins for tracks are listed as parts? The instructions say clearly: In the trash with it! https://rebrickable.com/parts/219 https://rebrickable.com/parts/219a
  8. After hours of thinking I prefer the solution, that unused parts from the official instruction - like from the kitchen kit or the flat train wheel (see examples above) - are should be standard parts. So these parts gets a valid color and can be easiler located by MOC creators. I agree with Simon, set <> model. The inventory of a set should contain all things listed in the instruction. The only disadvantage is: if you want to re-build a model with a Rebrickable inventory list, it can happen that you buy too many parts... Edit: But what about the B-Models? In the logic above the A-Models get the inventory of the Set (with unused parts) and the B-Models only the parts needed to build? That is also not consistent... Actually you would have to distinguish multiple inventories: - Inventory of the Set (spare parts and unused parts included) - Inventory of model A (parts to build the model A only) - Inventory of model B (parts to build the model B only) .... For inventory management you can use the inventory of the set and for re-building things you can export and purchase the inventory of a model...
  9. The Rebrickable CSV Export don't write the inventory version: Set Number,Quantity 10254-1,1 10199-1,1 10216-1,1 If you export and import a Rebrickable CSV, then the inventory version is lost. You should write the inventory version to the file too: Set Number,Quantity,Inventory Version 10254-1,1,1 10199-1,1,2 10216-1,1,1 or vice versa, in the same order as the "Edit Set in Set List" input dialog (but not downward combatible to older csv files): Set Number,Inventory Version,Quantity 10254-1,1,1 10199-1,2,1 10216-1,1,1
  10. Hm... that thing is a Pro for "unused kit parts in inventory". In this way the part gets a valid color and the MOC builders get the information, in which sets these parts available... Seems to be a tricky affair. Depending on the motivation, it seems good or bad to have such unique parts in the spare part list. The only clean solution would be a third category (but I suppose that would cause other complications): 1. main parts (needed to build the set) 2. spare parts (parts to replace missing parts from the main parts, these category only increases the number/amount of the main parts) 3. unused parts (unique parts in the set which are not used, but very interesting for MOC builders)
  11. By the way: why the red color of the part 85558 is an "error color"? The image with the red wheel seems correct (see spare part list): https://rebrickable.com/sets/10254-1/winter-holiday-train/#parts
  12. It seems there are pros and cons on botth sides.... but the solution should be consistent Is there a list of such "composite" parts (like the kitchen kit or the big train wheel kit) from lego instructions? Is this about a few sets or is it often?
  13. That is the point! If you want to re-build a set, you will buy unused parts if you export the inventory without a critical eye... Why? Purchase two of these sets and you can build a nice engine with 6 big 8 small red wheels, like that: https://rebrickable.com/sets/75955-1/hogwarts-express/#parts
  14. Then the red "blind driver" train wheel ( https://rebrickable.com/parts/85558 ) from the set 10254-1 should a normal part too: https://rebrickable.com/sets/10254-1/winter-holiday-train/#parts In the instruction on page 76 ( https://www.lego.com/biassets/bi/6216989.pdf ) the not used wheel is listed in the inventory (1 x 6148307).
  15. Can you give us a definition of "spare parts"? I wonder why the plates, pans, jugs, mixer, baking dish and spoons (Kitchen Kit) are no spare parts in this set, although they are not needed to build the set (except 2 forks): https://rebrickable.com/sets/21302-1/the-big-bang-theory/#parts In "spare parts" section I can read "These spare parts are not required to build this set."