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  1. It seems the partID of many minifig legs have changed in last days... 1. Why? Should not an ID be something solid and permanent? If not, you should not call it "ID"... 2. Why there is no automatic redirection if I visit a part site of an outdated and changed partID? For example on that link: https://rebrickable.com/parts/970d00pr1195/ I expect a redirection to: https://rebrickable.com/parts/970d21pr1195/ (by the way: the Brickset Link of this part seems wrong)
  2. Lebostein

    Part List Sort Order

    What means "Sort by part"? PartID or Part Name?
  3. If I set the filterbox in the right upper corner to "Sets" and type "Emerald" then I still see Parts and MOCs...
  4. https://rebrickable.com/downloads/
  5. Are new parts supported in the LDD? I thought the program was dead? By the way: Studio is already the better program in my eyes, and its development has just begun. Before Studio was released, I was also a big LDD fan. But Studio offers me all that and much more. Problem: The database of Studio is also incomplete. New parts like Powered up Hubs or train motors are not there yet... and there are tons of snapping bugs to fix, but it gets better with each version. But the rendering of Studio is awesome. Sometimes I can not see whether it is rendered or a real photo.
  6. You could give users (above a certain level) permission to tag the parts from a fixed list of keywords...
  7. It is possible to create an automated test running over all parts and colors (with help of APIs and LDraw database files and maybe Studio itself) to identify such parts with wrong mapping? I have no idea how you guys handle that great amount of parts and colors with different mappings to different databases. Seems a hard and never ending job...
  8. Would be nice to get an error message box after importing to Rebrickable. Then it is easier to see, how many parts could be not imported and what the problem is. I wonder this is an "outdated" thing. These parts in these colors are available since 10 years... PS: I will try your hint
  9. For example wheels and windows like that: https://rebrickable.com/parts/57999/train-wheel-spoked-with-technic-axle-hole-and-rubber-friction-band/ https://rebrickable.com/parts/60603/glass-for-window-1-x-4-x-3-opening test2.io
  10. Hard to list. In every set I have I see a handful missing images. For example here: https://rebrickable.com/sets/10254-1/winter-holiday-train/#parts Missing images: 99781, 15068, 33291, 3633, 4032a
  11. At the moment I see some missing part images if I display the inventories of my Sets. It seems the problems are only the preview icons in the grid view...
  12. I wonder why the Tag field of most parts is empty. Is it a relatively new feature?
  13. Why are the CSV files updated so irregularly? It is possible to upload the files daily? Maybe for Pro Users only... I use the files for some self-written offline tools to manage my inventory... (I am not a Pro User at the moment, but I think about it)
  14. Other example: Why 3 of the magic wands are spare parts? All 6 magic wands are on the official photo (4 in use, 2 lying on the ground ) and they are listed in the instruction (page 122): https://rebrickable.com/sets/75955-1/hogwarts-express/#parts