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  1. Hi, It seems that the problem still exits. Sorting by Color, Part and Category isn't still working as expected.
  2. Hi, If I click on Color several times, the sort order toggles between ascending and descending, as you said, but first item in list is Air Blast Launcher in Lime or Wing Feathered in White. If I click on Part several times, then first items are all black part in alphabetically order by part name or all yellow parts in alphabetically order by part name.
  3. Hi, Sorting list of my lost parts is not working correctly. If I select Color, it sorts by Part. If I select Part, it sorts by color. Category sorts by part name. Hue and price seems to work correctly. This problem exits with Chrome and Internet Explorer. Now its difficult to compare lost parts list and loose parts list. Has anyone solution for this? Kind regards Miko