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  1. This has answered part of a question I had around LDD as I had wanted to offer PDF files as a default for my MOC's but the help section provided isn't particularly great, glad I can now do it. My other question is around the order it generates the steps in the instructions as my first MOC I did, didn't follow the order I placed the bricks in the designer and seems to use a weird order. if anyone could give me some guidance that would be gratefully received.
  2. I had thought if I did them that I would look to include it at the back of the instructions, just wasn't sure how to print them as the brick size and shapes can vary and would want to make it as easy as possible for them to be printed and placed.
  3. Hi All, I'm new to the community and to the idea of MOC's, however have several that I am going to work on and wondered what other MOC designers thought around using stickers in their designs. several of my ideas would benefit from the use of stickers, however I am also not sure what the best way would be of generating the stickers. if you have had any experience with this and possibly know of good ways to get the stickers, I would be grateful to ear from you. Many Thanks