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  1. I have tried everything that is possible. I went through all the settings. I have tried to add a very small set as an example. Look at this here: I have this part in my partlist "Stufi". It's definately there but the calculation says that it's missing. I don't know how to solve this...
  2. bafti

    Missing Parts

    No, definately not. The parts in the partlist "Stufi" are all unused in sets.
  3. bafti

    Missing Parts

    The needed amount is 1 piece. And it's available in my List "Stufi". I have all the lists activated.
  4. Hello everybody I have a problem. I wanted to build a set from which I know that I have 100% of the pieces. But when I click on the "Build" buttom, is says that 2 parts are missing. But these 2 parts are in my partslist so I have them in my inventory. How can I solve this? Thank you and best regards Benjamin
  5. Hi there Maybe someone can help me. I am pretty new to Rebrickable. I like it a lot even though I am enountering some problems when adding sets to the Assembled Sets. Example: I add a complete set to my set list. Then I am immediately trying to add it to the "Assembled List". The first 2 sets I added worked fine. But on the 3rd set, no matter, which one I am trying to add, it says "You have 86.9% of the buildable parts in this Set List. Even when I am selecting "Build this Set", it indicates that I have missing parts. I don't understand this since I added this set completely from the "Find Set" option. And the "Use these Sets in Build calculations" is active. Thanks and best regards Benjamin