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  1. Thank you for that @Simon! That's the feature I'm MOSTLY looking for, but I'd like to be able to do it with wishlists, or a custom version of a MOC that I have modified. For example - I'd really like to build this MOC However, the creator of this MOC never updated the partlist on Rebrickable. It also has an error because it counts parts in the set that are not part of the ship. He did give people the LDD file, which I have been playing around with. I removed a bunch of extra parts of the build (the moon bases), and I modified some mistakes in the LDD which had colors that were very expensive/rare or he simply made a mistake. I did that by exporting the parts list to Bricklink, then manually pricing each part based on the most common piece available. So now I have a Wishlist in Bricklink that has ONLY the correct parts I need for this build. What I want to do is get that custom wishlist BACK into Rebrickable, THEN sort by the sets using the feature you listed. Is this possible?
  2. Sorry if this question has been asked before and I'm not looking it up properly. My question is, say you have a wishlist (in Bricklink) or a MOC saved on Rebrickable, is it possible to see what Lego sets you can buy which have the most overlap of parts you need? There is a MOC I would like to build, but it's a playset and I just want to build the spaceship portion. The spaceship is about 1200 parts, and I have imported the MOC setlist into Bricklink and eliminated all of the parts that are not for the core ship I want to build (this was super time consuming!) I have got the parts cost down quite a bit, but it's still expensive to buy the parts individually. What I would like to be able to do is upload the partslist from Bricklink to Rebrickable, and see if I can "reverse search" existing Lego sets to see what might have overlap with the parts I need? Does this make sense? I know you can do this with sets you OWN, but I'm trying to do a broader search to all Lego sets that are archived. Thanks in advance!