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  1. Okay, when editing a regular part list, the dialog box includes "Delete Part" such that you can remove a part completely. When submitting a set, parts are automatically added to the "pending set". On the inventory page for submitting a set, there is no "delete part" option in the dialog box. This is not really a problem since you can use the Bulk Edit feature to delete a part from a set about to be submitted. The problem is when you try to correct the quantity of a given part. Say the inventory for a pending set includes 10 of a certain piece. I then accidentally add 2 more. Going to the pending set inventory and refreshing will now show 12 of that piece. I subtract the 2 added in error and then refresh the pending set inventory. It will now show 22 (i.e., it adds 10 instead of correcting the quantity to 10). The only way I can think to fix it is to delete the part entirely and add back the correct quantity. Hope that makes more sense?
  2. I am fairly new to Rebrickable and have just started tinkering with adding missing B-model sets for Creator 3-in-1 sets and Mixels Max/Mix sets. When I submit a new set and it is "pending", the default for adding parts changes from adding to one of my parts lists to adding to the "Custom List" of the set I am adding. This is great and helpful except that I'm finding when I make a mistake and, say, add 3 instead of 2 of a given part, I am unable to accurately correct/edit the the list from the pending set. If I add a part in error, I cannot delete it unless I use the Bulk Edit feature. If I want to change quantity, it seems to have no effect. As a result, I have been generating set inventories to my parts lists and then submitting sets once complete. This runs the risk of someone else working on the same list as I am. This only happened to me once so far (i.e., I created B-model lists that were already awaiting approval since I couldn't "Submit set" until my own inventory was done from my parts lists). I'm not sure if that makes sense or not but I thought I'd post to find out if this is a bug or if I'm not using the features properly.
  3. It seems a bit better in that I don't think items are listed that are not really missing pieces anymore. However, I still have items in my list that I have already marked in my lost list. It seems some I've marked lost are correctly removed from the list and some are not. Attached is a screen shot showing some items in the list that no longer show the set column...they have been marked as lost. There are others marked lost that appear in the list and do have a set in the set number column too. Just trying to ramble my observations in case that helps! On the same topic, I wanted to suggest (if it hasn't been already) a way to indicate in the list that you have already submitted a part image (parts remain in the list until admin has time to review and approve). It would keep me from accidentally submitting the same image twice! Just a suggestion! Thanks for your help!
  4. I seem to have quite a long list of missing images that don't seem to be really missing. Last week, I went through and submitted pics for a new set list and the page was working great! Today, I added a new set list and have a super long list instead of just the images that are missing. Is it possible the bug snuck it's way back in or am I doing something wrong?
  5. I'm not sure if it's related but I recently got an error on Bricklink XML verify items for Minifig Shield Round Bowed and Fish Print 75902pr0003b BrickLink bb561pb04 Dar Red
  6. I'm having similar issues. I'm updating some exported parts lists to remove parts purchased (using Firefox). Add new/blank part list, import list, update list, export list. Import a second list (using replace parts), update parts, export list. The exported list of the second set shows parts that were in the first list (which was replaced upon import of the second using replace parts).