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  1. So I found this broken 8289 on a second market this Sunday. Got the price down from €30 to €15 but didn't realize just how many parts were broken. I don't have a picture of it, just a picture of all the broken parts. Trigger warning, obviously. Now, what I wonder, instead of replacing the broken pieces and rebuild it, why not build a MOC with it? I have a second, smaller technic set, so more parts, but can't figure a way to find mocs just with those parts. Help, anyone?
  2. So I have this green 16 x 22 baseplate but can't find it in the parts. Do you need a picture to add it?
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    I'm using the website only for a few days not but my usual interaction is to use the search. Now there's one awesome feature on the web call opensearch which is basically just a xml file that tells browsers that they can add the page's search functionality into their browser function. It'd be a great new feature on rebrickable.