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    The problem with Firefox might be due to the content type. Your server returns Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8 where the correct one should be Content-Type: application/xml Cloudflare delivers the file but if you tell me whether the webserver is apache or nginx I can point you to the appropriate documentation. PS: You're awesome for adding this :)
  2. Hi there, I'm back from my dark ages and recovered a good chunk of my old Lego from my mom's place (...) alongside some modern Friends Lego from my nieces. My own daughter is slowly getting into playing with Lego which mean I can finally BUILD Lego :D So. Back in the days I can't remember what sets I had but I can clearly remember single parts. Funny, isn't it? Mostly Space stuff and that Imperial Flagship. Of which lots and lots of parts like cannons and sails are missing, but gladly that almost unique hull isn't, neither is the mast and its base. More parts might be recovered in a second raid ;-) My question: Is it worth rebuilding the good old ship, I can't think of any alternative use for the hull to be honest. Do kids still play with it?
  3. So I found this broken 8289 on a second market this Sunday. Got the price down from €30 to €15 but didn't realize just how many parts were broken. I don't have a picture of it, just a picture of all the broken parts. Trigger warning, obviously. Now, what I wonder, instead of replacing the broken pieces and rebuild it, why not build a MOC with it? I have a second, smaller technic set, so more parts, but can't figure a way to find mocs just with those parts. Help, anyone?
  4. So I have this green 16 x 22 baseplate but can't find it in the parts. Do you need a picture to add it?
  5. trk32


    I'm using the website only for a few days not but my usual interaction is to use the search. Now there's one awesome feature on the web call opensearch which is basically just a xml file that tells browsers that they can add the page's search functionality into their browser function. It'd be a great new feature on rebrickable.