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  1. A short description of the bug in question: When I try to use the build search, I get an error 504 (Gateway time-out) error. How the bug can be reproduced by us (if possible): I only have three sets and I am using the following search criteria: Part color sensitivity: Ignore. Ignore printed and patterned part differences: Checked. Ignore mold variations in parts: Checked. Consider alternate parts: Unchecked. Exclude Minifig and Minifig Accessory parts: Checked. Exclude Non-Buildable LEGO parts: Checked. Filter on Theme: Technic (538). Number of parts: 50 to no limit. Year of Release: From 1990 to 2019. Include official sets: Unchecked. Include Custom Sets: Checked. Include Premium MOCs: Checked. Include Sets I own: Unchecked. Sort by: Highest % Match. What browser (Firefox, Chrome, etc.) you were using when the bug occurred, and which version.: I tested both on Chrome on Windows 10 and Android. Thanks!