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  1. Hello, since some days the green Re-run button in the Build-Result below "Safe these settings as your new defaults" doesn't work anymore. If I click on it - nothing happens... On Android an windows browsers. The same button below "Change Build Options" still works.
  2. Longshine

    Finding parts

    Yeah, very nice - thanks a lot
  3. Longshine

    Finding parts

    Wow, thats great! Is it also possible to display the Setnumber (not only the Setname)?
  4. Longshine

    Finding parts

    Is that hard to understand for someone else? Don't really know how to explain it better, because of my bad english. I tried to explain it in two posts and one picture... And no - it's the same than in xordis example. "Box 2" is just a name for a Set List, for example "Set List 1", do you know? Another try... Example I bought the Lego Set-Box X, Lego Set-Box Y and Lego Set-Box Z (X,Y and Z are Setnumbers). I store it in the original Lego Set-Boxes in my room. I tell Rebrickable, I have this Sets like that: My Set Lists/Set List 1: Lego Set X Lego Set Y (contains Part 3960 in Lime) Lego Set Z (contains Part 3960 in Black) Now Rebrickable knows, which parts I have and in which sets they are, because I told Rebrickable the Setnumbers - not the loose parts of the sets. Want to build something, so I "ask" Rebrickable: "Where is my Part 3960 in Lime?". Rebrickable knows - it is in the Lego Set-Box Y - but it tells me in the Part Summary and in the full Part Detail page: "You have some in Lime and Black and they are in Set List 1". Why do I need to know, that they are in Set List 1? I only want to know to which Lego Set-Box I have to go to take it out of the Box. Why doesn't it tell me "You have some in Lime and they are in Lego Set-Box Y, and if you need more in other colors (Black), you can also go to Lego Set-Box Y? Thats doesn't matter, if this is in "Build a MOC", in the Part Summary, or in the full Part Detail page. Something like: How do you all find your parts digitally? I can't believe, that I'm the only one with that problem.
  5. Longshine

    Finding parts

    Thank you for your explaination Simon. But this has nothing to do with the storage system used - it's about the database-information. Rebrickable is also a database, which knows, which sets i own and which parts they contain. Similar to the Whitepages (telephone book). Whitepages knows the city->first/lastname>phonenumber, so you can also search backwards the phonenumber and get first/lastname->city. For Rebrickable this "search" would be Partnum->Setnum->Setlist. But Rebrickable shows the Setlist only. In Xordis example something like the extension in my attached picture. Thats all i am missing - nothing about my storage system. Thank you, that's a little workaround for some parts, but impracticable for hundreds of parts of a MOC.
  6. Longshine

    Finding parts

    I have exactly the same problem... I can't understand, because for me that would have to be a "basic" function here in rebrickable. When you go to "Build this Set" or "Build this MOC" there is a "Find My Parts for this Build". But that's no help for me either. There you can only find Sets, where the needed parts are in - not which part is in which set :-( How the hell do all the people here find their parts for their MOCs?