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  1. Thanks for the clarification! :)
  2. Of course, I just want to add them to my build timeline and upload a user photo. On the other hand, how many pieces do I have to change until it becomes a different model? Copyright on Lego models is rather vague I guess. You are probably right about that. But I guess many of these MOCs are probably the best selling ones...
  3. Exactly! But now member KeepOnBricking has started to put warnings under his models: "Do not attempt to reverse engineer the model without purchasing the Premium instructions." See also the comments on 75892 Minivan This is not okay. It's not his business if I reverse engineer a model for my own usage. But really can he do anything against it? Would administrators delete user photos from users who haven't purchased the instructions? I think administrators should intervene and keep him from posting that warning. It's really sad to see that this site is becoming more unfriendly and overly commercialized recently. :(