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  1. gumalca

    Gold color question

    I recently read somewhere that there is a color change in pearl gold just now going on and that there was already one some years ago. And there were even sets produced that had both variants in one box as the color change happened. It's just that Lego itself considers it too minor to give it a new color name.
  2. I agree with biodreamer. You better release some instructions for free first. So people can look at them and know what kind of quality they can expect (how solid is the build, does the design capture the essence of its source material, does it come with easy to follow step by step building instructions in PDF format). If you want to enter in competitions you better not publish models first elsewhere, most competitions don't allow to enter material that was published prior to the competition. Also I would never ever pay any money for the instructions of a 30 piece MOC. Sorry if that sounds too negative but there really is no other way to put it. The problem is I wouldn't pay for something I haven't seen. But once I've seen a picture of a model I can recreate what I've seen without problems. Only if the model is so complex and sophisticated that recreating the parts I don't see in the picture would take more effort than just paying for the instructions I would consider paying for it. (for example Technic models where the internals are important to make the functions work, or star wars ships where structures have to be connected in strange angles and you can't see from the outside how that was achieved.)
  3. Thanks for the clarification! :)
  4. Of course, I just want to add them to my build timeline and upload a user photo. On the other hand, how many pieces do I have to change until it becomes a different model? Copyright on Lego models is rather vague I guess. You are probably right about that. But I guess many of these MOCs are probably the best selling ones...
  5. Exactly! But now member KeepOnBricking has started to put warnings under his models: "Do not attempt to reverse engineer the model without purchasing the Premium instructions." See also the comments on 75892 Minivan This is not okay. It's not his business if I reverse engineer a model for my own usage. But really can he do anything against it? Would administrators delete user photos from users who haven't purchased the instructions? I think administrators should intervene and keep him from posting that warning. It's really sad to see that this site is becoming more unfriendly and overly commercialized recently. :(