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  1. gumalca


    When you upload a moc paste the link to the bricksafe folder in the detail link field, it says so in the description next to it. Then a preview of the images should appear. If you don't see the images on the page after the moc was approved, then you have the same problem like described in this thread: There is no solution for this. They just randomly load or don't.
  2. The part was included when this set was produced. It was used in the combi alternate build.
  3. I can still see mine from last year. Have you tried adjusting the shown time frame? Maybe your last sale was a while ago?
  4. Maybe you could add these things like "new comment on your moc" to the private messages? Or introduce a new personal notifications page? Then it wouldn't matter if emails get lost in the future. This could also help to reduce the email amount, because people might opt out of emails if they can get the notifications elsewhere. Currently email is the only option to receive them I guess.
  5. I can see the slideshow for the linked moc. But I've also noticed the problem you describe before and sometimes the slide show does not load for my MOCs as well. I guess it depends on the browser and your internet connection. Because whether a slide show exists is only determined when you load the page as far as I can tell.
  7. Can you log in and try again? There is a button to send a confirmation email again. I've been getting mails again since yesterday.
  8. I didn't receive a single email notification about new MOCs uploaded yesterday, so maybe there is a general problem with sending out emails at the moment?
  9. But it did work somehow. If I remember correctly you had to save the draft first and then submit. When you submitted right away the description was not saved.
  10. If it requires parts to be modified I would not publish it that way. If it fits but rubs against the tires then it could be ok to publish. Depends on what kind of quality of build you are aiming for. I've seen more than one moc here that stresses parts, but in the end the users will decide and they will point it out in the comments if they don't like it.
  11. gumalca

    level 15

    No, level 15 is just 3 months of pro plan. 25 is for life. No free premium instructions in either case. :(
  12. I guess if you sign up for the pro plan you could see the number of downloads. Or you host the instructions somewhere else where you can measure the number of accesses, but I don't know of any online services I could recommend for that.
  13. For the Freemium model you configure the moc like a Premium moc, but put a link somewhere in the text about the model that links to a free digital file. This lets the user circumvent the paying process if the digital file is enough for them, thereby making payment optional. Some users might also build from the free file first and pay later only if they like the model. Theoretically this can increase your sales as people who are really unsure about the moc before they can try it out are less likely to buy it anyway. The only difference to a donation link is that rebrickable gets a commission if you use the Freemium model and it is a little bit more convenient for the user to have a pay button integrated into the site. Since you've tried out different methods already, what is your experience? Did you get donations? Did you have sales when the models were Premium only? If you don't make much money the reason could just be that the models are to small or unpopular so the users don't find them valuable enough. My recommendation is to make only a few of your best MOCs Premium. If users find they like your free models they are more likely to pay for your premium MOCs.
  14. I'll give a bit of my experience. I used to have only free MOCs, but then the rebrickable hosted MOCs were introduced and more and more Premium MOCs started to appear, which I did not like. There were MOCs I wanted to build, but I thought it was unfair that I should pay for them while I offered my MOCs for free. So while still disagreeing with this whole instructions market thing, I ended up offering some of my next MOCs for sale. Solely to use the money for purchasing other instructions. For my MOCs I chose a popular topic and sold them for a price way below similar competing MOCs. Ideal combination for making big sales? Lol no. I had a modest amount of sales since then, like 20 to 30 overall. I did not expect more and it was enough to finance those MOC purchases that were my goal, so I'm not complaining. Funny enough I made it to the 50 Top selling Premium MOCs list more than once. Sometimes just by having 3 sales in one week! So my guess is, those MOCs at the top of the list, they probably make some money. But those at the bottom and the thousands of MOCs who never appear in the top 50, well I guess the money they make is not worth talking about. Would be interesting if rebrickable were to display the number of sales for each MOC :D One surprising thing I've learned from my MOC sales is that most buyers are pretty inactive users. Nearly none of my buyers had MOCs of his own, and most of them never gave a comment or uploaded a photo to any MOC. That's interesting because I always though it was a big community of people designing and building MOCs, but instead there seem to be a lot of people who are only silent consumers. It's somehow correct that people who are not contributing to the site should contribute by giving money. But I'm really missing some internal currency/reward scheme that benefits the users who contribute with their time spend to design MOCs, so that they don't have to contribute with money also. But I also see why this would be difficult to implement, because you cannot objectively measure each persons effort, so if such a system would exist people would take advantage of it for example by flooding the site with low quality MOCs. That's true. I myself am most likely to purchase instructions for medium to big Technic MOCs. If I were to reverse engineer them instead, which is a tedious task, my time spend doing that would be worth way more then a few bucks spend. Also I have a rule for myself that I will not buy MOCs with a price more than one cent per part. E.g. a 1000 piece MOC for 10 Euros would be okay. But since this is the upper limit for me I'm also expecting PDF instructions in this case. There are a lot of high quality MOCs which completely satisfy this rule, so anyone trying to sell for more is illusive. Still I see why rebrickable is not enforcing such a limit, because people would circumvent a rule like this by inflating the part count (supplementary builds, unnecessary details). I agree with that. I love to see these photos too, and people should use it more. I have MOCs where it is clear from the comments that people have build them, but not a single photo was uploaded. This is sad. On the other hand if there are already 10 user photos I get why many won't bother to upload another one.
  15. gumalca

    Gold color question

    I recently read somewhere that there is a color change in pearl gold just now going on and that there was already one some years ago. And there were even sets produced that had both variants in one box as the color change happened. It's just that Lego itself considers it too minor to give it a new color name.