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  1. Nice! Searched the forum for an answer to my problem and finally found a post. Read it without looking at the author. When I realised that guy had the same issue that I have I saw... well he is me just some months ago! Still no one with a suggestion?
  2. Hi! Is there any possibility to mark the whole inventory of a set as lost? Just got a bunch of LEGO from a friend and found out some of the sets that are included by finding unique parts. Now I want to add these sets to my inventory, mark all the parts as lost and then search the boxes full of bricks for the missing parts to unmark them after I found them. Has anyone a suggestion? Thanks in advance
  3. Hello Forum! This is my first post and guess what: I used the search! The quoted one is exactly what I wanted to suggest as well. Finding parts without PHOTO in the own inventory is really painful when it is done manually. Would be very cool if that could be implemented. Workaround: could anybody post an API-request to find part/color-combinations in the own inventory missing a photo? My search only replies the "part_img_url" which seems to be the image shown in the inventory. Could not find a clue to the actual photo in the json. Thanks a lot for running and improving rebrickable. Tec-Sau