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  1. Thanks, worked perfectly. I'd seen that input bar but never paid attention to it. Would be slick if you can build a parts list and have a button that would show what set those parts belonged to.
  2. Seems like a basic question but a quick search didn’t seem to find a discussion on this. If I have a couple pieces that I’m reasonably certain are in a set but aren’t extremely rare, is there a place or site that I can plug in the multiple parts I have and it tell me which sets contain those parts? On rebrickable I can only search on one part at a time. Even if I add a parts list with the parts I have and search sets it only gives set %compete which doesn’t really help. I would think this would be a common issue. Any help would be appreciated. It’s annoying to have to start with one of the “rarer” pieces and then dig through 50 sets trying to find which have the other pieces.
  3. The parts are removed from my pieces (except for some sets that I haven't broken down yet). They said they'd replace any broken pieces which leads me to believe they could replace them proactively. None of the other parts from these sets are brittle so it is indeed a manufacturing defect as everything was kept in the same environment. I guess I can go through all the plates, apply some pressure and see if they snap. In which case they would replace them. Seems like an unnecessary step. I think their business model is quite fine and they pride themselves in part longevity. I'm not questioning that, just curious to me that given how brittle some of these are that they wouldn't take the safety first stance. I'm sure I'm just being overly cautious.
  4. I have over 200 sets in my collection. My 5 year old has recently been getting really heavily involved in lego building. As most everyone knows, and lego has admitted, the reddish-brown and dark-red bricks from like 2008-2013 turned out to be very brittle. I contacted LEGO asking if they would replace some of my reddish brown and dark red plates that I suspect would be prone to breaking in the hands of my son. They agreed and asked me to send them a list. I created a list of the plates in my inventory and sent it to them. There were about 700 plates total that I requested which is far lower than my actual count, but wanted to get the ball rolling. I know they choked on that number and immediately back-tracked to say they couldn't proactively send new bricks if they haven't broke yet. I told them that I thought that they should have recalled them in the first place as they are incredibly dangerous when the break into shards. In any case, they sent me 90 plates, mostly just some 1x2, 1x3, 1x4, and 1x6 plates. Then they proceeded to say that they stopped production of all other reddish brown, dark red plates. I find that hard to believe considering sets are still coming out right now with these plates in them. They told me to go to bricklink to get the rest of the plates. Maybe I'm an over-concerned parent, but this has pissed me off. Anyone else try to do something similar? I've spend a lot of time with their customer service and now appear to be at an impasse. I guess i can go through and snap all my parts and see what they say. Seems quite unnecessary.
  5. Not really. I still use the checklists. I realize that I can make a new set list for each set and inventory the parts that way. I'm open to any new ideas. I have no good way to go back to see what I'm missing from each set without going back to my checklists.
  6. I've got more or less the same problem. I bought two bulk sets, each has well over 100 potential sets in each bulk set (so far as I've found). Doing as Lucky says, though I am limited to only 20 (free) or 50(pro) parts lists. Assuming each part list represents a set I'm trying to build it becomes pretty hard to manage, especially when inevitably I can only find 90% of the parts for a set. I'm doing the printed and/or electronic checklist method and it seems to work okay. I add each set I think I have to my setlist inventory and then go in and identify lost parts when I've completed my search for pieces using the checklists. On a side note, as a new person to this game, it is very overwhelming to stare at god knows how many pounds of unsorted legos in large totes. I haven't seen my wife in months... and only dream in legos. Thank god for whiskey.
  7. Looks like the site shut down.. sad. I had all my unfinished checklists on there.
  8. I'm guessing the answer is no, but is there any way to put a checkbox or something that would hide a completed fill? In other words, as I get a part for a set filled have it hide from the chkno checklist so as I go only missing pieces will remain visible.
  9. mianegolan, Any way to set up a chkno checklist sorting by part instead of by color? Both are handy.
  10. Relatively new here. I have a bunch of unassorted bulk totes and instruction books for some of the sets that are in them. I've started sorting the legos at a high level. To not completely overload my storage boxes I'm starting to put parts in bags per set. Most bags are at some percent complete and I'm tracking parts crudely on printed checklists. I don't see it here, so my question is if there is a way to see the set piece inventory and click off pieces as you get them in the bags so that I only see what is missing as I go back to the sets? I use the chkno site for the most part and it is good for the initial hunt but kind of onerous for going back and seeing what is missing. Wondering if there is a better way? I have many sets that are missing between 1 and 20 parts and if I could just quickly see what is missing it would help a lot.
  11. I'm doing the same thing and maybe I don't understand Bricklink, but I would think putting them into Rebrickable would be the better option for storing your inventory and building MOC's and rebuiding sets. I transfer inventory from Rebrickable to Brinklink and I haven't noticed any issues but I don't know why I need to record instructions and boxes in my inventory (probably because I don't have any boxes) and a spreadsheet works just fine.
  12. Love the checklist. Is there something that exists that works the same way but is saveable? I'd prefer to do everything via a computer and not have to print the checklist out each time. Clicking the boxes is a great feature but it can't be saved (unless I'm missing something). I have 80 sets I'm trying to put together as I go through sorting boxes, and it would be great if I could find a good way to track pieces used by set as they are found.