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  1. I am chipping away at my local database, and then will work out scripts to upload/download/etc... I am working up the commands to build the database, tables, etc into a PostgreSQL database, and I now see that the rebrickable database parts table requires the material table, which is not currently available on the download page. Could this be added please? Ala : CREATE TABLE parts (part_num VARCHAR PRIMARY KEY,name VARCHAR,part_cat_id SMALLINT NOT NULL REFERENCES part_categories(id),part_material_id SMALLINT NOT NULL REFERENCES material(material_id)); I am happy enough to guess at the data types, but it would also be handy to understand what some of the data values mean. EG which value ("M","P","T","A") in part_relationships(rel_type) relate to : "Mold", "Print", "Pattern", "Pair" or "Alternative"? (I could not see a 5th value currently used). I am happy to share more on my progress on this if the community/admins think it useful, but am not sure where would be best for that.
  2. Hi CJ, I have written (hacked?!) python progs in the past (V2 or V3?), and that script sounds like a useful springboard for what I want to do. You have also got me thinking how I might upload to Rebrickable too - to sync from any other lego source I might use - as it is too easy to buy something you did not think you had - and find you did have... And checking the quantities, etc. Right - now to find where to DM you :-) Cheers, Ian
  3. On the - LEGO Database Download page, there is a link for part_relationships.csv but part_relationship is not shown on the diagram. Not a major problem, just a suggested change. Another nice to see, would be the column types used for each field (EG, I assume most are just string on Integer) I am have just started looking at Rebrickable, and I think it would be useful if I created my own local database (MySQL or PostgreSQL or LibreOffice Base maybe?) that I can then keep in sync with Rebrickable. Does anyone have any suggestions on which and how (sorry, should this part be moved to another area of the Forum?) Regards, Ian .