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  1. Hi! I'm not a coder but I'm very familiar with the Unreal Engine 4's visual scripting system which I used to create a tool that will help you to convert Rebrickable part lists to LDD user palettes, This is how it looks right now: Features: One-click converting of Rebrickable CSV files to LDD user palettes Features coming soon: Converting decorations (prints) correctly Converting rarely used colors correctly to colors available in LDD Merging mold variations to bricks available in LDDSupport for old colors Limitations/Disadvantages: Since it's running on a video game engine, it's quite heavy in terms of file size (102 MB) and requires a modern PC All bricks are placed at 0 0 0 so if you try to open the palette file, LDD will remove all but one brick. Every part of a multi-part brick like power function components will have everything colored in the main color. DOWNLOAD Decide yourself if the relatively large file size is worth the time you may save in comparison to LDD manager's palette process (which is still a great tool!). Right now it only uses Rebrickable IDs for the LDD IDs but that is going to change when I get through each file and check it for mold variations and decorations. The colors IDs have been translated manually which is why I need feedback regarding the colors. Sometimes It wasn't easy to decide which color in LDD is which color on Rebrickable. Is it worth continuing? Let me know what you think!
  2. I feel bad for suggesting something again (especially since this is a bigger feature) but I had this idea and I wanted to share it: How about you could change the colors of the model if you select to build it? Like this: Clicking on one color shows all colors or - if the additional CPU load can be assigned - only the colors that are available for those parts. Now in this example, if you'd click on red, it'd only show one color to switch to: black. Why? Because the cow catcher in front of the train is only available in red and black. What if you wanted to exclude it from the rest? This would work with an advanced feature I call "color sets". When submitting your MOC, you'd get this additional option: On the final build page, you would see something like this additionally to the other colors: This would allow for even more models you can build. I know that including it into the build result list would take a lot of CPU load so it should be separated from the build results for now. What do you think? Sorry if something like this has been discussed before but I couldn't find anything.
  3. I totally didn't see that. Thank you so much! The topic can be closed.
  4. A while ago I got an offer of 5000+ mixed parts for 60€. I started sorting and entering all the pieces into my loose part list not knowing what sets the pile of parts held. Now I finished this process and some sets return 100% in the build menu. I'd like to add these to my inventory (which of course is no problem) and have an option to remove these pieces from the loose part list. It is very tiresome to remove every piece by hand, especially when the sets are bigger. Alternatively the option to enter negative amounts on the Add-option of the "Use Part"-screen would at least speed up the process of doing it manually. Let me know if there is an automated way (via external programs for example). Thank you in advance in case I'll forget it!
  5. Hey! I'd like to know what does a good MOC need so you try to rebuild it on your own? Do you only rebuild alternate models of official sets or only the very professional MOCs? Maybe you're limited to the small models. Or you might be one of the people who don't rebuild MOCs at all. I like alternate models of official sets most so far. Probably because I restarted with purchasing Lego only three months ago and I yet have to expand my part library to an amount that allows me to rebuild more complex models.
  6. Ok, let me try to explain it again. I got the LDD file of a model that is available on eBay. I upload it as a private MOC. Now I wonder how many pieces I would be missing from the complete set where this model is a part of. If I could add the inventory of this LDD file to my loose parts (which would be generally a good idea since I'd rather place bricks in LDD than go through the part search function a couple of hundred times) I could easily see how many parts I'd be missing from the complete set and if the single model is worth getting. I figured out I can click on every part of the inventory and add it to my part list - still: a function to add all of them immediately would be more convenient. While I'm at it, It'd also be a good idea to have multiple loose part lists for purposes like this.
  7. I know how to create a private MOC, thanks. But there is no option to add this private MOC to my part/set list so I can see the missing pieces.
  8. Hi! I'm not 100% sure if this has been suggested before (I used the search function) so sorry if it has. We have to correct all the errors when uploading missing parts to a Bricklink wanted list. It's because the site uses the Rebrickable IDs when this function is used. Wouldn't it make much more sense to use the Bricklink IDs? Also (I didn't want to overload the topic title) It'd be nice if we could import loose parts from an LDD or LDraw file. I've seen the main model of the Hobby Train on eBay and I was wondering how many parts of the whole set I'm missing if I just own the main model. Since I have an LDD model of the train, I'd like to upload the file and add the parts to my loose parts or add this private MOC to my sets. Other than that, this is a fantastic website! Thank you for this great service!