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  1. I see that there is a "I like it" button now. Love it! But how about showing my likes on my profile page, so I can easily see my liked MOCS and find them back later on? I want to build a lot, but not at one time So i need something to remember nice MOCS I have seen along the way...
  2. Is there an option for replacing a color? For example, say you want to build this all stylish parts are dark blue. As I do not own a 41999, I , and I guess most people, do not have these parts in dark blue. I might have them in yellow or red. So it would be great if I could check this. My guess would be to tell the system to change the MOC parts dark blue for yellow ones. Is this feature hidden somewhere? Or if not, is it possible to create this option? Keep up the good work!
  3. Any progress up on this one, or high prio other stuff ?
  4. Nice one! Thanks for this, both dgrant and nathan!
  5. ah right! Thanx Biodreamer! Still :might be a bit more intuitive if you could click on the number of sets also. But great to know it is there!
  6. Maybe this is all-ready there, but I can't seem to find it. When looking at a set and pressing build this set! I get the missing parts list. Example: clicking one of the pieces pops up that part with all its specs. One line says something like this: Appears 6 times in 6 sets from 2006 to 2009." I so want to click this and that it tells me which sets those are!! Would be great to have this.
  7. sweet!! And when you don't do it automagically, will you be able to see that there are similar molds by a banner or something?
  8. It depends. I have build 2 moc's now (also just came out of the dark age), just because I liked the models. I have build one with instructions of pdf and one from a LDD file (lxf). I still have more MOC's on my wish-list. I have the 42009, and want to build it with motors, so that would count as an alternative model/ultimate model. Like Mestari, I create bricklink wishlists from the missing parts. Building from LDD file creates an extra challenge , because the generated building instructions are a challenge by itself. Floating pieces in mid-air (gravity is so 2011 ) and not always good in the right way to build it. Like, it builds parts of the build and then you have put them together but thats not possible without taking the previous build a part. keeps you busy and makes you understand the model better. I really loved the smart construction of the astromech by the way.
  9. Hi, Maybe this already on the RB.v2. You now have a simular parts in the RB system. It would be great to have a simular banner over a part I you look up a moc or set. The idea about it would be : click on "build this moc', you see your missing parts. Looking at the missing parts, you would see the simular banner over a part, so you would click it and figure out which parts are simular to it. This way it would save you from buying parts that are simular that you already have.
  10. I' m not entirely sure what you mean, but after adding it to your MOCs, you can go to :my moc, click the moc and then there is an option "build this moc with your sets and parts". clicking it will show you the parts missing from the parts you already have. other wise, compare the sets. With:sets, compare sets, and fill in your moc number and the set number of the main model of the Hobby Train.
  11. Hi DasMatze, first point I agree with, had the same problems. importing in bricklink, takes some extra time because of this, it is still doable, but I thing this might be a small bug, or this is not allowed by bricklink policies? second point: go to My MOC, Add new private moc, import MPD/LDR/LXF file, first option from the menu there.
  12. let's have it. +1. thinking about the +1 thing: lets use a voting system for new features. Like this idea: so we can click on the plus 1.
  13. Would be great to just export the parts needed to create a build (bricks remaining after pushing build this moc) into a brickowl wishlist. And after receiving your orders be able to import the brickowl order into my parts, like what is now possible from bricklink. With a api command it is pretty easy to export the order data. so maybe you should build something to add your brickowl API key into your profile.