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  1. Very good idea, and please, do not forget to add the part numbers as a sort criterion
  2. xarax

    Part List Sort Order

    Was apparently my mistake. I saw the parts numbers in the list and expected that it was the actual sorting criterion. Although I had looked at the part names, but I saw something wrong, which was not wrong. I sorted the Excel file with the parts and compared it with the page and it's all okay! Sorry for the unnecessary work. thanks and best regards Martin P.S. Unfortunately, there is no sorting by part numbers.
  3. xarax

    Part List Sort Order

    I do not know what it's supposed to be, but at the moment it's not one of them in my browser
  4. xarax

    Part List Sort Order

    the sorting of the parts lists by part is not correct or I can not recognize, which system the sorting takes place. The other sort options also do not seem to work. I tested the sorting in the current Firefox and in the Edge. regards Martin