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  1. Great to know! Thanks for the reply! That's something for me to keep in mind if I want to build something fairly big that can withstand transport to and from somewhere.
  2. I do have a question: What glue would be "best" for such a purpose? Is there a reversibility factor involved in the choice as well? Asking "for a friend" ;)
  3. Greetings, kind builder :) Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. 100 bricks does not sound like a really hard limitation to me. For that reason, it's a good thing that Premium is to set a bar of expectations. That said, I am hoping that my little MOC might be worth entering into a challenge that might get me a bit of recognition and maybe start my path towards making some money doing this. Many (many) years ago, I played with my Legos as a kid and was inspired. Life has cut this away from me, and now I find I miss them, so. Perhaps I am seeing this in a different light than many, but I am hoping that this is a start to something more therapeutic (if I'm use the word correctly here), and that it might be a way to help pay for itself. Maybe I can post some of these MOCs and ask for donations of pieces to make them, photograph them, and perhaps sell them later? I'll just toss the generated pic from the LDD program here for reference so there's a sense of what I have made and where I am coming from. Then people can decide and (hopefully) point me in a positive direction. Of note: the build does not include the minifigure shown. That's like the Ingur "banana for scale". The generated image is purely form the default output of the LDD program. Still learning here, so it may be a bit rough. Thanks again for the friendly feedback! It truly is appreciated, biodreamer :)
  4. Greetings, kind builders! I'm new here, and have just finished using the Lego Digital Designer to build my first ever file to share. That said, I am wondering how I would do that, and what it takes to have something qualify as "Premium" so that I might get paid in some way (eventually). So far, I have a single build of a B'Omarr Monk that might be of interest to some Star Wars fans out there, and don't want it to get "appropriated" by someone else as their own. After all, it could be worthy of entering into a contest, so I would like to be careful. Helpful suggestions greatly appreciated! Basic specs are as follows: 30 Bricks Includes 1 "special" pre-printed tile that can easily be ignored. Has 21 steps, but repeat building of the leg units is easy... I have a "complete" .MHT file of the build instructions that includes the brick inventory, as well as the example "render" pics. Hoping to not give everything away if there's a chance to earn decent points here somewhere. Thanks for reading, and I look forward to seeing where this goes!