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  1. Are there any Scale Tags yet?
  2. I hope this is the right place inside of this Forum to create this Thread... Please move it to the right place if it's not moderators. Or administrators. Or whoever is able to do that here.
  3. Hey I’m Terra and I’m new to this community, I’ve been looking for a "popular" Starships Scale, from the Star Wars Universe to the Lego Versions. The only one I found more than once and that was used by multiple creators was 1:1666. The Scale of the Original Imperial Star Destroyer (10030-1). My suggestion is that, that scale becomes a bit more common. It even has a nice little name already ISD scale. For me, as a huge fan of the Star Wars Starships there couldn’t be anything cooler than having all the ships in the right sizes compared to each other. And for those who don’t like that scale and want a bigger or smaller one, just write it into the title of your MOCs please, like someone already did. (I hope someone will read this. o.o) I’m always open for discussions about this, I still have some more ideas myself... Like a thread for all the "main-scales"... I guess I’ll have to say bye now. :c Read you later. (That’s better than bye.) It’s so hard to come to an end. Hopefully theres a limitation for these texts... I don’t know if I’ll be able to stop writing myself. Just stop reading and ignore that there’s more. Did I mention that I like Starships? I just got a super good idea, I’ll do it like at the end of a Story! The End