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  1. If the blue area is the background, then the tooltip must be cropped by the boundaries of the white area, perhaps because of an overflow: hidden?
  2. I noticed that when looking at my part lists, and displaying the tooltips for parts on the right side, the tooltip is cropped by the border. See first screenshot below. This is on Windows 10, using both Firefox and Chrome (latest versions). While checking this, I also noticed the uncropped tooltips seem quite wide (more than the actual text content need them to be), but that's a separate issue. See second screenshot.
  3. Hi Simon, I'm replying to this old thread because I recently bought a couple of parts 6540b ( in Light Gray, and was surprised to have Rebrickable flag it as a 'Color Error'. I searched a bit and found out that this one set, (Super Car, 8880-1, Seejay was mentioning, was released in various versions, with the 6540 parts (6540a, 6540b) in both colors (White and Light Gray). From the comments on that set's page, there may have been other part changes too. BrickLink's inventory page for that set does include a footnote ("Redesigned during production") that lists the few iterations of this set: part 6540 alternated from white 6540b to light gray, then was changed to 6540a in white. Along this part changes, the attached towball part alternated between axle version (2736) and pin version (6628) with color alternating between Black and Light Gray. Finally, a link part attached to the towball parts changed from 2739b in Dark Gray to 2739a in Black... It seems there should be 3 inventory versions... I'm not familiar enough with Rebrickable to know what would be the best way to fix things so that at least 6540b in Light Gray is no longer showing as a color error? Thanks
  4. When I download the colors CSV file, it includes these two special colors: -1,[Unknown],0033B2,f 9999,[No Color/Any Color],05131D,f But when I use the API, these are not listed, nor found: curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' --header 'Authorization: key XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX' '' curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' --header 'Authorization: key XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX' '' Both calls return: { "detail": "Not found." } with code 404 Cheers, Patrice