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  1. I just paid for the pro-plan yesterday, mainly to get access to making notes to the pieces as I've now established some sort of index system. One thing that immediately occurred to me was how convenient it'd be to be able to have the note icon available in different colours. Right now, in my living room, it's a mess of bags and sorting boxes as I'm sorting pieces from the latest lot random Lego pieces that I bought. I've 3 pieces of a particular colour of a particular piece in a sorting box, but then I notice I've 4 more pieces somewhere else and I can't find them right now. So my idea would be to make a note with the colour red, for instance, for pieces that are adrift, and the colour green where all pieces are accounted for and indexed and yellow could be something else and so on. To further develop this idea, it's be great to be able to only display pieces where the note is of a certain colour. I've looked around the forum I couldn't find a similar question asked before, but if it's been posted before, please let me know. Thanks /Peter