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    I've placed an order for the add on pneumatic education kit which seems to have all required replacement parts, AND the manometer! (I'm a sucker for analogue gauges). Bloody expensive purchase here in Oz though with world postage. Have conducted several tests, which: - broke the compressor - really should have drawn out the plan and researched a little more, but this is part of the 'fun' - the smaller of the three cylinders will not hold, nor repel airpressure. Cactus I think. May open her up to see what ticks.
  2. camdflage


    Hi, I recently purchased my first technincs with pneumatics (Arocs 42043), and I'm wodering if there are ways to test pressure output, leaks etc. Currently the pneumatics are kaput. No movement at all in any part. I placed the output hose from the pump into a glass of water and it looked VERY asmatic (bubbles the size of ants), though I dont know what is a good amount, or perhaps there is some magic I'm not aware of. Any help would be greatly appreciated. It was really quite disapointing.