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  1. Can someone confirm or is my list corrupted or something? I've been building an app for a while where this is essential.
  2. When using "GET /api/v3/users/{user_token}/lost_parts/" and if the lost parts list includes multiple element_ids that shares the part_num, the query only returns one of the element_ids. Example, my list includes "3 x 2412b in White" and "4 x 2412b in Light Gray" but the query only returns "4 x 2412b in Light Gray". I believe I've stumbled upon a bug?
  3. Crap, my bad. The image was so bad that I didn't notice it, sorry.
  4. Yes I know, I listed the stickered part to be more specific. Part 30034 is not listed either.
  5. SET 6856-1 - Planetary Decoder Missing parts: 2x - 30034pb01