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  1. I got my 42042 yesterday and built it. It's huge and awesome! Build is quite enjoyable. The levers work very nice, it's more intuitive to use one lever for switching a function in one or the other direction. Oh yeah: and cats are not afraid of it (not sure if that's a pro). EDIT: I found one odd thing though: if the crane is driving the crane slightly turns. When it drives a few meters it comes quite obvious. This has to be from the torque applied by the axle running through the turntable to drive the crane. A solution could have been to use a worm gear somewhere in the drive train to the turntable.
  2. In the Netherlands at Bart Smit 42043 and 42042 are allready available! Surprisingly they are both 8% off. I just ordered 42042 .
  3. I found a few video reviews on youtube with reviews of the august wave technic sets. I like the reviews of Sariel (with the hamster) a lot, this one is of 42042 Crawler Crane: I can't wait to buy this one. There are 40 blue technic beams 15L in it. He has also reviews of 42040 (fire plane) and 42043 (Mercedes Benz Arocs). Both 42042 and 42043 have a new turntable which is slightly larger than the former types and have the beveled geartooth. It seems to turn a lot smoother and seems slimmer too. And 42043 has improved pneumatics. One thing that is improved are the nipples on which it is easier to attach a hose. So check it out!
  4. Well, I had a 31032 set in a sealed little box, while I bought an other with the usual box with the perforations on the back.
  5. I learned that Marble Maze form Jason Alleman made it through the evaluation from LEGO ideas. Congratulations!!!!!
  6. Well, my experience with used sets is very limited, only once. But in the one case I bought one it was not as I had to expect. I gave no feedback to him but I think I would have done that. I only buy parts or new sets on BL and my experience is that if you ask your seller about a mistake they solve it very quickly. I also think most issues arise with ordering used sets.
  7. JANGBRICKS is a reviewer from a lot of LEGO sets and has a youtube channel. Yet he has posted a video, which he wants to be shared in the LEGO community and I think he has a good point. It's about selling and shipping used sets. Please take a look at his video:
  8. Missing the Torso of Ginny Weasley in Diagon Alley 10217 (I want to use it in a MOC so that's the reason I found it). Bricklink:
  9. I discovered an issue with the headlight brick and for a long time I tought I was the only one had it, until I found this photo from Sheo: Officially the depth of the offset of the front is half a plate (4 LDU) and it should be possible to put a brick with stud on side on it and the the top stud of the headlight-brick and the side stud of the other brick should be in system. However, the distance is slightly longer and when attaching something to those bricks stress occurs. I have never found this in official LEGO-builds either. This issue also appears when using a headlight-brick with a plate when it should match with a SNOT-bracket but does not. Are there more people who discovered this?
  10. Well, there are more candidates for me: - 10231 Space Shuttle (very good appearance and very swooshable) - 75060 Slave I (Colourful, menacing and interesting build) - 70816 Benny's spaceship (Classic space always thumbs up) - 70810 Sea Cow (Huge, steampunk-like ship with lot of details) There are also a lot of smaller sets that can't beat the bigger one's because of the size, but corrected for that here are some small favorites: - 31004 Fierce flyer - 79121 Turtle sub - 41015 Dolphin cruiser - 70805 Trash chomper Those are all system sets, I think my favorite technic set is the helicopter 9396 followed by the service truck 42008.
  11. Alternate builds are mostly easy to do if you have the set, so in fact that's what I do the most. Lot of times I just scroll through others instructions (or instructions from TLG) just to get inspired or to fall in love with a certain build. Because for this way of sniffing around before building, I never buy instructions. It's also I'm a little old fashioned in my way of dealing with payment methods . If I have less then 90% of the parts it's mostly a no go and I keep it in the back of my mind that maybe in the future I will build it. Sometimes I just write the missing parts on a list and order them when I have something to order from bricklink. I think I have built about 10 MOCs (not counting alternate builds) and about 15 sets from TLG in this way. BTW: Nathan, I would like to have a feature to download a photo of someone's MOC I built, especially when I have done a little customization.
  12. I'm still finding my way in making instructions. However, I stick to using photo's as the way to make instructions, mostly because I don't like to spend a lot of time in a virtual LEGO-reality while lots of gorgeous bricks lie around me. I'm working the whole day with my computer at work, so at home, it's hands on ;-). Just a few toughts: - I found that colour is more an issue than other aspects when it comes to photo's. Some colours can easily be confused, eg light bley and white or tan and white - More important than slick pictures is that instructions are unambiguous. One way I try to obtain that is to limit the amount of different parts/colors. For example, if I have a build with only one 1x4 plate in a certain color and a lot of 1x2, I change that 1x4 plate for two 1x2 if reasonably possible - In general I take quite small amounts of parts each step, especially when it otherwise leads to more plates or bricks on each other in one step - In most cases I take photo's in two rounds: first when breaking down the MOC. Then I mostly do some adjustments and build the MOC up. While building the MOC again I evaluate the photo's and take new ones for photo's that can be improved However, it can still be quite a lot of work, especially when MOCs are bigger then 1000 parts. But for me it is mostly enjoyable. BTW: I make the instructions also for myself so I can build a MOC later again. And also when a MOC becomes dusty I can break it down and build it again which seems the best way to get rid of the dust in a lot of builds. Always feel free to comment on my instructions. I evaluate them always by myself, but it's mostly a guess for me how others experience them. Yet I'm considering ways to put the photo's in a PDF, because me was told that some users found that downloading each photo can be quite impractical, so those suggestions are welcome!
  13. Roughly, I build 500 parts an hour for regular sets and 300 parts an hour for Technic sets. I'm not sure, but I think that's quite a usual rate. But who cares? Just enjoy building. It's like eating, if you simply eat to get feed, then time can be important, but if you want to enjoy the meal, take your time .
  14. Well, I finally succeeded in making the inventory OK. The option for the B-model was available in the part submission window. Maybe I have submitted the same set 4 times or so, but the last one (with the highest number of parts) is the right one!
  15. Hi dear mods, I have built the B-model of set 42029. I'd like to provide the parts for that model, but the way I use to add parts (by clicking on a part from a sets inventory) does not give the possibility to add to the B-model. It would be by far the easiest way to click on the inventory of 42029 and then add the parts to the inventory of the B-model, because all parts are already on the inventory of the A-model. I remember I did it this way about half a year ago, but yet I have submitted a B-model without parts. What can I do? I also have another question about this: I have made a photo of the model by myself, but I'm not a great photographer. So, I'm pretty sure much better pictures should exist, so if my submitted picture could be replaced by a better one, I would not complain . BTW: Yet singing in my head: "Everything is awesome", because I saw some film yesterday .