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  1. Yeah, I understand that. And once I'm done with my project that I'm using it for I'd surely like to give back a little by submitting some contributions. It's just too bad that for so many parts, the Rebrickable system understands the BL name and converts it to the Rebrickable name... if only you enter it in the search field, like in the picture attached. And that's awesome. But for any kind of programmatic automation, this data is not available. There isn't any way that I can request some page that contains the Bricklink number in the URL, and lists the Rebrickable number in the result. So, even though there is a really good database inside Rebrickable for converting the Bricklink number to the Rebrickable number, this data does not seem to be available in any other way than in the pop up search suggestion in the attached picture. Not that I am in any position to complain.... but well, shoot. That's just too bad :)
  2. Whenever I search on a part number that's unique to the Bricklink catalog, I neatly get a search suggestion that contains the Rebrickable part number (if I'm lucky, anyway). So the Rebrickable site interface is able to convert a Bricklink number to a Rebrickable number. I was wondering if there is way to access this functionality directly through the API, or through something else my software could use. Converting a Rebrickable number to a Bricklink number is pretty easy, as the Rebrickable part entry contains this info. But is there a way to convert the part number the other way around? It would be great if I could look up parts in Rebrickable that I only know the Bricklink number of.
  3. Aha! I found out what's going on. For all "c00" parts, Bricklink has (recently added?) a zero before the print number. Rebrickable shows them without that zero. So the search function works correctly, but the Bricklink ID in the part info is slightly off. I guess all "...c00pb..." legs assemblies should be updated into "...c00pb0..." ?
  4. I believe I found a bug. Whenever I search with a Bricklink ID I find the correct part, except when that ID contains "c00". e.g. 970c03pb10 can be found without any trouble, but 970c00pb0817 returns nothing. This is not because of missing ID's. If through some set inventory you manage to reach the intended part, it correctly shows the Bricklink ID in the righthand column in exactly the same way it does for all other parts it can find. Seems that they sould be findable, but some small, hopefully easy to fix bug is preventing the search function from working its magic. I really hope this can be fixed, as i need to look up a whole list of these and currently there seems to be no way to do it. Thanks! :)