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  1. Aha! I found out what's going on. For all "c00" parts, Bricklink has (recently added?) a zero before the print number. Rebrickable shows them without that zero. So the search function works correctly, but the Bricklink ID in the part info is slightly off. I guess all "...c00pb..." legs assemblies should be updated into "...c00pb0..." ?
  2. I believe I found a bug. Whenever I search with a Bricklink ID I find the correct part, except when that ID contains "c00". e.g. 970c03pb10 can be found without any trouble, but 970c00pb0817 returns nothing. This is not because of missing ID's. If through some set inventory you manage to reach the intended part, it correctly shows the Bricklink ID in the righthand column in exactly the same way it does for all other parts it can find. Seems that they sould be findable, but some small, hopefully easy to fix bug is preventing the search function from working its magic. I really hope this can be fixed, as i need to look up a whole list of these and currently there seems to be no way to do it. Thanks! :)