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  1. Thanks, I didn't even see that option and I swore I looked at everything. Now to start the tedious process of going through each set and marking this down.
  2. Hey all..complete newbie to rebrickable...I'm a bit overwhelmed with how the site works regarding my question may be in the wrong section. If I have a set marked as built, do the spare parts remain in my parts available for building list? Or do they disappear? I keep all of my spare parts, and want to keep an inventory of all of my spare parts after I build my sets to know what I can build with them. Then after I get a couple of bulk sets (going to pick up a 36 lb bulk tub today) then I can sort them and enter them as spare parts. So, I want to know do my spare parts remain after I mark my sets as built? Or do they get marked as unusable with the set bricks even though they haven't been used. Also if they haven't been marked as used and don't remain in my parts list, is there a quicker way to add all of the spare parts to a list without clicking on them individually from each set page (sometimes it's laborious). This wouldn't be so bad, if I didn't have over 200 sets with new smaller ones coming in almost weekly.