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  1. I think you are right, I double check, the moc do need 4 of them with 2 color. Thanks very much! The page show them as two different items in the list. Since I choose display option as "hide the parts that I already have", it only show one item in the part missing list. This is confusing. It would be better if it combine two different color in the list and show "it need 4 but you only have two".
  2. I'm a little confused with the missing parts tab in the build result page. e.g. I'd like to build moc in attached picture 1; it list all the missing parts including part 3937. But I do have part 3937 in my part list, as shown in picture 2, with different color. I already set my configuration for build to ignore color difference, as shown in picture 3. I don't understand why part 3937 still shown in the missing part list? Anyone could clarify? Thanks.