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  1. One picture is worth thousand words.
  2. Thank you for explanation. Now set math does not work for me so I have to use Python script for remain parts calculation. Should I publish it somewhere to help other users?
  3. Try 1: - open custom set and try to subtract last Bricklink order nothing changed in list, no special alert/warning Try 2: - open custom set and try to subtract last order in Revrickable CSV form same error "amount should be > 0"
  4. Hi, problem: bricklink changes part to similar recommended on its card. This prevent correct order subtracting. What I did: - I have custom set with 61678 items - press Buy parts and place on Bricklink order made for me by Rebrickable - part number changed to 11153 (Rebrickable also suggests 11153 as replacement for 61678: see screenshot) - create new custom list -> import bricklink order into it -> export it to CSV - try to subtract my set by fresh order CSV file and get error (screenshot). I think Rebrickable might prevent part numbers changing or warns user if there are some similar parts upon subtracting. Thank you.
  5. Hi, I am doing strange actions right now - walking thru list of sellers. My little order costs about 200 Russian rubles (about $4), I get a lot of sellers but mostly all of them have "Minimal Buy" not met on Owl or Bricklink shopping cart. Some sellers have 500 roubles and one even 50K roubles. Is it possible to request minimal buy amount from Owl/Bricklink and show it next to seller name so I could skip such results and save some time? Thank you.
  6. I think I found the source of problem: I wanted to build two identical models so I create empty list and import MOC twice into it. Then I clicked on "find seller" and select some seller with "bulk" label on it. I didn't notice what it means :D Now I have a lot of extra parts in my first ever order :) It will be nice to have clear explanation of "bulk" or write next to seller how many extra parts I get from this seller :) Below are results of custom script which checks extra parts quantity (I am lucky): EXTRA: 2780,0,2 - need 4, extra 56 EXTRA: 3020,71,3 - need 6, extra 4 EXTRA: 3023,28,4 - need 8, extra 2 EXTRA: 3023,71,2 - need 4, extra 6 EXTRA: 3023,72,4 - need 8, extra 92 EXTRA: 3024,71,8 - need 16, extra 4 EXTRA: 3070b,71,2 - need 4, extra 96 EXTRA: 3665,72,2 - need 4, extra 4 EXTRA: 4733,71,2 - need 4, extra 16 EXTRA: 60470b,71,2 - need 4, extra 20 EXTRA: 60474,72,2 - need 4, extra 4 EXTRA: 87580,28,1 - need 2, extra 18 EXTRA: 98585,71,4 - need 8, extra 2 EXTRA: 99780,72,2 - need 4, extra 6
  7. I forgot to say "Hello" :) Hi, Nathan! Thank you for - it is wonderful!
  8. No. My order made and placed with rebrickable "buy parts" functionality. I didn't see any errors on subtraction - just some spinning icon and no changes on completion. Is there a way to get CSV/XML file for placed order so I could be able to write subtraction script by myself?
  9. Hi, what I did: - made custom set and import some design into it - placed an order on bricklink and paid for it - went to custom set / import parts dialog - set "External Source " to BrickLink - click on [BrickLink order] button, allow acces to my orders, tick my (the one) order and click red [Subtract] button - nothing happened, custom set left unchanged Repeat all the steps but click on red [Append] and got increasing of parts in my set. Can it be non-working because of status "PAID" of my order? Will it work for some special order status, e.g. DELIVERED? Is there a way available to subtract sets or dump BrickLink order to CSV file for future subtracting? Thank you.