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  1. I think it's a balance between creativity, aesthetics, clutching power and prevention of parts to be scratched / damaged. So, "illegal" term is not very useful, i think.
  2. On the topic of transitional period for tiles with/without bottom groove. There are inventories of sets that includes both! For example: i have 6515 - Stunt Copter set that includes one grilled tile with and one without bottom groove. What to do in that situation? Maybe include third version of inventory that handles that?
  3. groowie

    Confused New Collector

    Also only certain % of parts contains info on the price, see your "My LEGO collection", where you can see something like: When some expensive part gets the price or that part is no longer on sale, value can fluctuate greatly. Also note that specific part can sometimes get unrealistic value.
  4. Yes! That was it: i didn't noticed that number of parts was limited from 50 up! Thank you so much TobyMac! :)
  5. I checked same boxes as on your screenshot, and i still don't get mentioned sets. None are marked as "Built".
  6. Sure, here is exported list. rebrickable_sets_groowie.csv
  7. Sets list is activated (checkbox) for calculation. Can you detect something similar with your search results? If so, that would indicate bug in search function. And that can mean that some sets or MOCs are not visible to people searching, despite they have 100% of needed parts! Thank you for the help!
  8. I checked all options and marked all years, with same result. Also set #30365-1 - Space Satellite is missing from results.
  9. I have option "Include Sets I own from My Set Lists in search results" checked and works for almost all sets, but not for some, like mentioned. Can you check?
  10. Hey everyone! :) I am new here and like Rebrickable a lot! I'm not sure if it's just me or i found a problem in search function under Build: Some sets are just not showing up, no matter how i set search settings. For example, Belville sets #5830 and #5810, that i own, don't show under results! Any idea why is this the case? Did you noticed missing any other sets from search results? Thank you and happy building!