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  1. Hmmm. It would be more easy if that would pop up somewhere on the site itself. I don't like getting an email for each post, because that would overflow my mailbox in minutes...
  2. Seabie

    List of set rankings?

    Thanks for answering and let's hope it will come in the future!
  3. Seabie

    List of set rankings?

    When I click on a set I can see things like "Ownership Rank (all)". Is there a place where I can see the whole list?
  4. On the pages of some MOC's I clicked on 'follow page discussion'. Where do the notifications pop up when something is posted there? On a related note, does there exist an option to auto-follow each MOC you like or every designer you like?
  5. Yes, that would work, though I'm building a MOC out of set 31007. I'm only allowed to build with bricks from that set, so sometimes I have to improvise how to make certain connections.
  6. Thank you for the answers. You all seem to agree and I appear to be on the same page. I sometimes use techniques that aren't used by LEGO themselves, so I wondered how the community here looked at these. And yes, I purposefully put the word illegal between brackets, because I know the term implies it is something that's forbidden or something like that. As an example though, right now I'm building a MOC of a kangaroo and I want to head to be able to rotate and right now I've done that by putting 2x4 brick onto a modified 2x2 with pin. They don't really make a clicking sound when they're put together, and the head is placed somewhat (a little) loose onto its body, but it does fulfill the job of having a head that can be turned. I know, nothing exceptional or anything like that, but fully acceptable in my mind, right? It does leave me with the thought "isn't there a better way to do this?" though...
  7. I couldn't find anything on this subject using the search function, so I'm starting a new topic here. I just wonder, how do the builders here look at these? Do you avoid them? Do you allow them in certain circumstances?
  8. I found the answer to 1) as well. The only question standing is 3).
  9. I've found the answer to the most important ones. I'm still looking for an answer to 1) and 3) though.
  10. Sorry if this is the wrong place. Where can I find that forum?
  11. Hi all, I'm new to rebrickable. I've already found some great MOC's which my 4yo son really likes to build. Especially the ones where the building instructions are included, without them it becomes too hard for him. So, to give something back (and because I loved doing it) I've build my first MOC that I want to share. I've build the model in real life, I've build the model in and I've broken it down into steps, exactly like I want it. But after that I get a little bit stuck. There are some things that I would like to do, which I just can't get to work. I hope you all could help me out here. 1) When I'm in 'page design' all the new parts are surrounded by red lines. Is there a way to switch these off? 2) Sometimes I want to look at my build from below and sometimes from above. How can I switch the orientation between steps? I can change the orientation, but then it changes for all the steps at the same time. 3) Is there a way to move the pieces around in the 'you need this to build this step'-box? 4) Is there a way to move pictures from one step to another? I sometimes want this when I don't want to include every substep of every hinge plate, for example. I think these are all my questions for now, but more might pop up when I continue to make the instructions. Thanks!
  12. As the title question shows, how can I know someone has responded to my comment?