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  1. Specifically, it does not have 6x part 3000844, which can be seen in the part inventory on the back of the part 2/2 of the instruction manual available on It is at the top of the third column from the left. Edit: Upon closer inspection of the brick inventory on rebrickable, I see that it lists brick 302401, which is not actually in the set, with the exact quantities that 3000844 is in the set, so it looks like this is just a case of mistaken identity affecting both the standard parts and the spare parts. Edit: I found the Submit Inventory Change page and have submitted this there. Thanks
  2. This shows on as a transparent orange 1x1 plate, yet it shows on's pick-a-brick to be transparent yellow. This is also consistent with how it is shown in the brick inventory from the instructions for set 21106 - "Micro World - The Nether", also viewable in the instructions available from
  3. I'm not sure whether the bug is in the code that sets the password, in the code that validates a password, or possibly different bugs in both. I changed my password to [email protected]{g5o'/o\6 and it was accepted but I was not able to log in using that password. Since you require the current password to change the password, I was also unable to simply change my password, forcing me to use the 'forgot password' feature to change it yet again.