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  1. Hi, its a private account. I`ve allready seen this posting. I hate hotlines, but i think i must call paypal.:( Thx for help
  2. Ediranydd

    Problems with PayPal

    Hi, i tried to buy a Premium MOC (ISD Intimidator 77525). Always i want to pay, paypal denied the transaction with some words like "To comply with government regulations, this transaction has been declined" or simple an error please try again. This happens the last 3 weeks. Until now i tested with my Paypal Acc. with all payment methods(Bank, Creditcard, Paypal credits). Two friends i asked for help have the same problems with their paypal accs. I also tested different computers and followed the most known tipps for browser problems with paypal. Just for fun i tried to buy another premium Moc. Same Problem. I come from germany. Is it possible there a country problems, or does anyone have an idea what i can do? My other transactions over paypal are all very fine . Thx for help