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    hey guys question, that buwizz is it actualy safe to use ? i mean the motors spins twice as fast , that means it gets more than 9v right ? can the motors actualy handle that ?
  2. hey guys i am new to this prog i have this problem to , i am using 4.3.12 i downlaoded today, i turned off fw/av and still the same, i use windows 10 enterprice ltsc 1809 could it be a port blocking in the router ?! if so what port
  3. KannaKamui

    42100 Stickers

    that is kind of wierd because for the 42110 they have while they both released at same time, but ill await for it , no hurry
  4. KannaKamui

    42100 Stickers

    i did contacted lego but they dont do that, only if i they added the wrong once, thats why i came to here asking arround
  5. KannaKamui

    42100 Stickers

    probaly not the right topic hey guys i have a question, do someone own the lego 42100 ? and havnt used the stickers for it ? can you make a good scan of them and upload it ?, i screwed up the a few stickers so yeah if i can reprint them i would be happy thanks in advance