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  1. Thanks! I overlooked the part count lower limit. When I set it to 0, I get quit a lot of 100% matches :)
  2. I'm sorting out a box with old Lego bricks, most likely all from the 50's and 60's. Almost 500 bricks and some are very interesting (e.g. the 650 hinge). I entered them all to Rebrickable as loose parts and I hoped Rebrickable could tell me to which sets all the bricks belong. I tried the Build search with only the part list selected, but no set turns up as 60% or more match. Of course some bricks might be missing after 60 years. For the 483 set (with different sloped bricks), the parts list has all the bricks, but it doesn't show up in the results. Even if I turn off all options for exact matching. Might it be because set 483 doesn't have anything to build? It's just a collection of sloped bricks. Is there another way I can use Rebrickable to search for sets with the parts list? Thanks in advance!