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  1. Thanks for reply. I have seen instructions on adding parts to it. Involves dropping them into specific directory and they appear in custom category. I think in the meantime I can make some kind of place holder in their custom part maker. Then make sure the the part is the correct number when I upload here.
  2. Just built a kit and decided I would like to make it my first MOC contribution so downloaded and started playing around with Stud.io but issues. I realise this isn't strictly the domain of ReBrickAble but I feel this community might be a great place for help. Please don't hurt me for asking here! Can anyone clarify for me the issue of missing parts from official sets. Notably the set #75237-1 Tie Fighter Attack is missing 4 unique parts, one of which has x2 of. Also the set #75892-1 McLaren Senna is missing all decal parts. I'm not so concerned about the decals, but just saying. As for the Tie Fighter there one of the missing parts I want to use in my MOC. I looked at the sales page for the custom part builder by BrickLink. Not sure if this is a good option. I would rather avoid yet more software downloads and learning. Is there a place to find these part models? I do extensive use of 3D software so I could technically build them if I knew the specifications etc that Stud.io would accept. I would rather not go down that rabbit hole if I can though. Find it weird that parts of official kits are missing. Thanks.