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  1. Rolling this all into one post I would like to suggest a few things: An on-site revision history. It would help if there was a visible info for users how often an instruction may have been updated. I often keep fixing typos and other minor errors after the initial publishing and it would help to inform potential users to keep track just in case they may have downloaded an outdated instruction earlier or from some obscure external source that redistributes them in some form. I would like to see support for adding more than one link/ page to an instruction. As a German I occasionally go through the trouble of creating a localized version for my peers, especially when I include additional info texts, so it would be useful if they could be linked as such from the instruction main page with a secondary source reference and/ or have a second, language specific info page on a tab or so. It would be welcome to have multiple inventories under one build, especially for "Modifications", as you call them. In my current instruction ( I have included a few alternatives to reduce parts usage and make it more economical for some users and it might be helpful that they could pick from the different inventories directly without manually having to comb through the different BOMs. If possible it would also be useful to have an option to mark parts in specific colors as "switchable" in the inventories. In my Octopus model the Dark Blue is more or less just one of many possible colorations and having the option to change the colors right away might make it more attractive and easier for users to order the parts through your system, especially when certain parts in certain colors are rare and expensive while in other colors they are a lot cheaper and readily available. Of course this could be an endless tangle, so perhaps for the time being it should be limited to externally visible parts and leaving it to the user to also substitute invisible interior parts. Otherwise you'd likely need a method of designating color groups... Mylenium