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  1. I THINK i've fixed this issue on my laptop, chrome had 'allow notifications' off for the forum. Turning it on seems to have worked. Win 10 and Chrome. I'll try at home later, but I think the forum needs notifications allowed.
  2. theskirrid

    unknown brick

    That's a magnet brick. Usually with minifig magnet sets from LEGOLand.
  3. Done, that's why we have lots of 000x numbers. Forward thinking for the win.
  4. Just use the submit change link, and tell us how many of each part are missing in which colour. I don't know where you got 1707 for trans-neon orange though? TNO is LEGO 47/ OUR 57. We try to follow LEGO for as many as possible though, so just use our name from the part colors page. You don't need hyperlinks, as we can use the parts in the set, and click and add from there. So to make life easiest just write 6 x 6141 in trans-light blue 2 x 6141 in... etc. That's all we need, it's quick, and THANKS for helping out!! Cheers, Chris.
  5. 64566, 32125 or even that fabuland wheel thingy 4750. A 6x6 cross built from 2 wide bricks can have 6x1 bricks connected 6 studs out from the centre in a hexagon too.
  6. You can combine and remove loose parts from your parts list into a set that will then be marked as 'owned' IF a]You have all the parts b] In the exact colours and c] In the exact mould variants. It's kind of 'clunky' but I think it's in the pipeline for improvement in Rebrickable 3.0 [The Rebrickening].
  7. We're right on that one! Or at least we agree with LEGO on the mould colour. I will set it to dark purple for the sake of store links, but add a note for the part.
  8. Fixing now, this is a side effect of the scraper, so shout if you see any more!
  9. If you look inside LEGO are usually smooth, the clones I've found [by colour, there's no other way to tell] have got eight faint ridges inside, two circular horizontal lines split into four as two stacks. These were Megabloks, I'd have called them very light gray if I thought they were LEGO. Other clones COBI/BLOX etc I haven't seen to closely. I'm sure I have some mixed in somewhere though, little swines.
  10. It seems a print set-up for a 3039 was used to print on the invert [so it was flipped in the machine], so it's reversed. That's about all the new information I can find.
  11. I know the part you mean, but LEGO have no equivalent, sadly. One method is to use 4276a and 4275a and flip one of the hinges, although this requires 4 studs to do. A 11010 will fit between two back to back plates [but not all, and not very strongly, it's good on jumper bases though] or a 95344 will fit at the edges of most modern plates for back to back. For bricks, there actually were some studs both sides and anti-studs both sides bricks. You can also wedge tiles between the bottom tubes to join two bricks back to back, but this ruins the tiles and the tubes eventually. LEGO used the clip ring trick in the Hobbiton set too for the window frame. TLDR; Nope
  12. I've done some hunting, and it appears the left side prints were a misprinted batch, and can appear pretty much anywhere. Why that set was marked as having a left side print I don't know. I'll sort it to a right side print, and add notes for the printed brick, until something more definitive is found. I've never seen a left sided one, from exclusively UK sets [so Denmark packaged].
  13. LEGO 143 is their Trans Flourescent blue [bL Trans Medium Blue]. See Ryan's colour chart for a very accurate colour list. The only colours we haven't really split out are the Bionicle metallics, which BL ignore. Otherwise we're pretty much bang on with LEGO. See also our colour chart for LEGO-Rebrickable numbers. There's confusion because LDraw/Peeron made up their own names for colours, because LEGO didn't expose their internal names until 2004 if I remember rightly. Then BL used all the existing data from them [and other sources], so the names don't match to colours. We've recently had a big fix of colours, using Ryan's data. If there's a mapping we've missed or messed up let us know! I don't know how accurate LDraw are, so we follow LEGO, and map to other schemes.
  14. Also try the compare feature. and compare 42042 and the MOC like this:- COMPARISON
  15. 32123 now has 32123a/b related. Same as 3062, it's a deprecated part, but there are still some in loose inventories so it can't be fully tidied up yet. Same again for 60475, 5 users still have it so it won't be tidied yet, but the mad mapping is gone, I assume someone fixed it. The ghost of LEGO moulds I expect!
  16. This should be fine, don't forget deprecated parts like 3062 will show in searches, but only if you advanced search with 'unused parts' on.
  17. Because stickers aren't in the ethos of Rebrickable we don't catalogue them, as we're all about rebuilding. If you use them in a MOC you can add notes for your designs though to make it clear.
  18. Off the top of my sleep-deprived head have you tried the compare feature? Make a private MOC with your wishlist, and use the compare feature against the set you want to build? Also, more importantly... Wait, what? Sketchup has LEGO?
  19. Small light grey and new light bluish grey are the worst, I find. I have a really bright magnifying light for part numbers, and I plonk suspect greys in a sea of 4073s in light bluish grey. That's the best way I've found to make small old light grey parts obvious, they really stand out then.
  20. That's Old Dark Grey. Slowly retired over 2003. And, I have to say, that brown plate looks like dark red. That's hard to tell though. with lighting variations. Brown is the old version of current reddish brown. They're hard to tell apart without being next to each other. I always have a dark bluish grey, light bluish grey and a reddish brown piece handy, just to double check when I'm cataloguing.
  21. As bobflip says the options have to be correct. You have to have colour matching set to exact, and all mould variations matching to before you can remove the parts from your loose parts, i.e. a perfect match for the set as inventoried [ignoring spares and sticker sheets].