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  1. There used to be a line to show part number by category before the set's part list. say how many pin, how many brick, how many tile etc. Seems it is gone now? It is pretty useful to identify the main type of part contents, so could we add it back?
  2. Just want to make the same suggestion and find this one.
  3. So the missing part will combine? If they share some common missing part ? I guess not, you need to add them to a loose part list pretend that you have them. then move on to next set base on this loose part. And yet , this is not convenient.
  4. I might not make myself clear enough, I mean the minimum collection of the parts that could build all those sets, NOT at the same time, but one at a time, say have the parts being able to build either of them.
  5. Well, this is just a interesting idea come across my mind when reading this : How about add the feature for " build multiple sets " ? Thus I can figure out the minimum parts list I need for being able to build all the sets I choose. ( I mean be able to build any set among them, but NOT all of them AT THE SAME TIME ) E.g. last 10 years technic flagship in one? :-) Seems to me this should be easy, just fetching all the parts and join them with each part's maximum number among the sets. maybe not quite useful or practical for many people, but really interesting
  6. You are lucky that you are resident in EU shipping to China did cost a lot, especially if you are buying in small amounts. while new sets are available in local market e.g. Taobao
  7. Exactly. A thumbnail is good if you are quite familiar with all those sets. For me, the problem is that when I want to buy a set which offer the parts I want, ( well, BL's shipping fee is somehow too expensive for me ), I probably could only choose from the recent released one which is still available on B2C sites, say amazon etc. so either sorting them with year or show year in the popup is good for me.
  8. Where is the sliders? I mean in the part Details page for a specific part. not in the search page. Say when I want to see in which set I could find the part, currently the set containing the part is sort by number, wish it to have other sort method
  9. Hi Am I miss the feature? I like the feature that when display the which set contain the part, it sort by how many of this part appears in the set, While I also think it's useful to sort it in other order, especially by the set's released year. Since you probably won't be able to buy those old set with reasonable price at all. Or, if adding a sort method list will mess up the page UI, at least , show the year in pop up? At present, I always need to turn to brickset for this feature