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  1. I've discovered now that I can put linked image, so here's more. Sorry if they're quite large, but i didn't find any rescaling option in imgur. Most of the images will be annoyingly noisy, that's because the model is too complex for the my PC to run the denoising filter without crashing.
  2. ... I wanted also the interior to be perfect, although I had encountered some difficulties with the dashboard lid. Some photos from the outside in the current state (or just a few steps ago)
  3. Hello to everyone. I'm new here and quite new to the Lego builders world, althought I used to play with Lego since a long time. Anyway, sincne this summer I'm carry on this virtual build, the first build from the ground up for me. Those of you who played Gran Turismo may remember this car. It does exist, and since I got unseen photos of it and I could talk with who designed it, I decided to start a functional MOC to try and see if it was doable, at least in theory. So far, the only things I haven't manage building are the engine and the gearbox. For what concerns the engine, standard cylindre parts are too big and the engine would be out of scale, so I had to follow this compact engine idea and made it even a bit more compact, to make it look like a Nissan RB26DETT. As for the gearbox, a fully working one would have taken too much space, so I just simulated the two shafts and a set of 1:1 gears. As the actual car has an AWD system, which comes straight off a Skyline GT-R, but it's rotated forward-backward. The center diff is viscous so I wasn't able to replicate that, meaning that the transfer case was simulated by just two gears, and this allowed me to have the front shaft going beside the engine. The rear diff. (which in the Skyline is the front one) is not next to the engine sump anymore, so the sump didn't have to have the axle passing through it. The suspensions should be fully working, and their scheme and geometry are as accurate as possible, given that I wasn't able to place a thinner front wheel, because its radius would have been too small to fit the arms and the upright in. I'm not aware of how much the springs would compress, but I hope that an hard spring would solve every bottoming-out problem. (I know their colours may be unavailable, but at the moment I just want it to look pretty) The chassis is as accurate as possible, although the only photo showing the car without the panels is really small and blurry. The subframes were adapted so that I tried to make them as strong as I could. (Continuing in the comments as I finished the upload space, all the renderings are on my Flickr)