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  1. Hi! Thx a lot! I'll certain use STUDIO! In fact, in the mean time, i've already downloaded it, and build my first moc, using the resources you have told me, like import an official lego set. Now i'm trying to figure out, how deal with parts missing, in this new sets i have downloaded.
  2. Hi there! I'm very new in using software to build legos. I'll try to beggining with STUDIO, that is linked to bricklink. I would like to use, to build digital versions (with instructions) of the MOCS i create with specific sets, like for an example, a moc from 75259, and later, to publish here in rebrickable. So, here's my questions: 1 - Is it possible to download the part's inventory of specific sets, and open in any software (could be in LDRAW, LEGO DIGITAL DESIGN, STUDIO, etc)? (im asking that, because it will be faster than searching for the specific parts, and colors) 2 - How do i deal with part's that have stickers? 3 - What software you guys recommend to start, based on this purpose? Regards!
  3. Hi! Thx for the answer, i was not aware of that case, and as long as i remember, i only noticed on this set. But, the other cases, came with the "extra" parts too? Regards
  4. Hi there! Have one of you guys, noticed the difference of the set 5948-1 from the catalog, to the instructions? The differences are focused on the airplane and it's pilot (which features black gloves in the catalog picture) When i bought this set, after a finished the assembling, some "extra" parts are lefting, this intrigued me, and after a better look, i saw this differences in the set that i bought from the one showed in the catalog. With no surprise, the "extra" parts left are exactly the ones needed to assemble the other version (catalog version) of the airplane, which i was able to build looking at the small and only picture availabe. The catalog version are my favourite (and are showed here in some pictures) Does anyone have noticed this fact? Anyone received the extra parts either? Regards!