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  1. Thanks Jared, that makes sense. I just bought my first plans for an MOC (a Tesla Cybertruck that I thought looked really cool), and was excited to know I was helping out a fellow creator in doing so here. It was about 700 pieces, and definitely worth the price, but what was really expensive was the part list. I hope I can find a designer or two with some decent earnings coming in, I'm just super curious about what's possible.
  2. Hi Rebrickable community! First post here, thanks for the warm welcome! Question for those selling plans for your MOCs? How successful, if at all, have you been selling your MOC plans here on Rebrickable? I'm interested if it's just "small change", or if anyone is actually out there making a living doing this. Do you also get a commission from Brick Owl or whereever else the parts to your MOCs are sold, too? Thanks for the heads up. Pat